Elsa Isn’t The Only Princess With Super Powers

In The Frozen Theory I argue that Elsa and Rapunzel prove that only blonde princesses in the unified Disneyverse develop superpowers.

Now a new idea is contradicting that theory by suggesting that a certain other Disney princess has superpowers too.

Because Frozen‘s Anna has super-strength.


Before we explore this theory, let’s look at the evidence:

First, she accidentally throws a stone statue bust clear across the room.

This is one Disney princess who doesn't know her own strength.

This Disney princess does not know her own strength.

She also throws a sack of hiking axes and carrots at Kristoff like it was nothing.

That's got to hurt.

That’s got to hurt.

She sends a wolf flying, armed with only a lute…

Don't mess with a princess in love.


…before pulling Kristoff up a cliff.

Clearly there was plenty of time to work-out while locked in the castle.

Clearly there was plenty of time to work-out while locked in the castle.

She kicks Olaf’s head high in the air in a single swing.

Imagine kicking a snowball that size. It would be heavy.

Imagine kicking a snowball that size. It would be heavy.

She then knocks Marshmallow out with a tree

Anna Tree

That is some princess.

…and cuts through a rope strong enough to hold two people with a single swipe of a small knife.

'Always carry a knife' is the Disney princesses' motto.

‘Always carry a knife’ is the Disney princess motto.

And of course…

She punches a man so hard he flies through the air.

That is one hell of a right.

Anna sends him flying like a rag doll.

So what does this mean?

We all knew Anna was a Disney princess not to be messed with but can these really be the actions of a regular human girl?

What if the King and Queen were so busy keeping Elsa’s powers under wraps they didn’t notice they had a Norway’s Incredible Hulk on their hands? In their rush to keep Elsa’s powers hidden from the kingdom they inadvertently kept Anna’s a secret too. Only when the castle gates are opened are the two princesses’ powers finally unleashed on the rest of Arendelle.

The other question is whether Anna’s powers mean it’s not only the blonde princesses of the Disney universe who can develop powers? Was Anna born with this strength or does Elsa give Anna a touch of her magic when she accidentally freezes her as a child?

And if the gates have indeed been opened for non-blonde Disney princesses…

What other Disney princesses might have superpowers?

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51 Responses to Elsa Isn’t The Only Princess With Super Powers

  1. Dfan says:

    What if frozen princesses were actually distant descendant from Hercules and Meg, then would explain some of their physical attributes (Hera is blond, Elsa is blond, Hercules and Anna have the same hair color) and it would also explain their powers. While Elsa and Repunzel as a blond in the family possesses powers that are very godlike, Anna possess strange physical power, same as Hercules did, and as Hercules was she is really really clumsy which could also be one of the traits she got from her ancient great great great father.


    • Elena says:

      Hera is not the god of snow though. So that doesn’t really make any since


      • TheRaisinKing says:

        I’m not entirely sure Hera is a god… Goddess maybe? Just correcting your grammar


      • The Drunkard Kid says:

        Eh, its not like the descendents of Gods’ tended to have the same powers as their parents. I mean, Disney Hercules didn’t have any marriage related powers, and I bet Hera doesn’t even lift.


    • SammyDew says:

      Hey, don’t forget, at the start of the movie, when Anna is singing “For The First Time in Forever”, she climbs out a window, sits on a swing, and pulls on a rope to lift herself up above the rooftops of the palace. She was pulling her own ENTIRE body weight like it was nothing! She is smiling in that scene!


  2. Yuan Qing says:

    This makes a lot of sense! And the parents didn’t feel as much need to conceal Anna’s powers because they weren’t as *obvious*; she’s not *creating* stuff in the air. Ooh, someone needs to draw Anna as the Incredible Hulk. And then not only will her dress be green, but also her skin! Hehe.

    It’d be nice if her drawn figure could reflect her strength, though. She, like most other Disney princesses, has that delicate build. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to make her shoulders and back just a little wider?

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this pic already, but this matches them perfectly to their Incredibles counterparts: http://31.media.tumblr.com/13270f15695761c1069771e1f52967d1/tumblr_n0npfqvmez1qfs6ooo1_250.png

    Anna is like Bob Parr, and Elsa is like Lucius Best (Frozone).

    This also got me thinking–if Anna and Elsa were brothers, then male!Anna would likely have a broader, stockier build than male!Elsa.


  3. Paola says:

    You forgot to add that Anna lifter her herself as if it was so effortless to just pull a rope and a wooden board so she could see over the palace’s ceiling.

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  4. Kartboarder22G says:

    Yes, you guys were pretty close, but her true powers are not strength but rather speed. Which are related, because Momentum is mass times speed. So as she can move fast she can give high momentum blows. For instance here are some that you missed. In the beginning of the film Anna is bouncing from snow pile to snow pile and Elsa says “Slow down Anna” First clue to her super speed. This speed increases her coordination, like the ability to catch the torch when Kristoff falls from the sled. Also all the above examples of her speed and finally when she rushes in to stop her sister Elsa from being struck by the sword it all happens at super speed. She is moving at super speed that one could argue her momentum broke the brittle sword. Also, keep in mind that objects at higher temperature seem to move faster, this may be just a slight clue that her super speed powers may allow her to heat things up opposite of Elsa’s powers of cooling things down.

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    • kevinr says:

      I’m pretty sure the sword breaking was due to it cooling very rapidly and becoming brittle (you can see frost on the blade if you look closely). Other than that, this makes sense. Perhaps it’s a combination of the two, as in she’s both exceptionally fast and strong.


  5. xcvista says:

    This sounds to me like a fanfic idea: Elsa, being the mage that can cast ranged ice magic (as we seen when she accidentally hit Anna, and when she held off the men of Duke Weaselton’s fierce, well organized attacks,) is pretty bad at melee attacks (as a falling chandelier of doom by Hans caused her to be knocked out.) Meanwhile Anna, despite her lack of any ranged attacks, is capable of intense melee fight (held off a pack of wolf as well as a snow golem tens of times her size.) They makes a good, fearful sword and sorceress battle duo.

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  6. Elena says:

    Yea they all have powers, Rapunzel has the power of healing hair. Sleeping Beauty can go a long time without aging. (But that might have been the work of fairies) Cinderella and Snow White connect with nature, The Little Mermaid has water power or something. Elsa has frozen powers, and Anna has strength. I can’t think of one for Jasmine though


    • your name here says:

      Maybe the The Little Mermaid has super singing powers, Rapunzal has time pausing powers/super speed thus cleaning the house in 15 minutes and doing various activities including reading 6 books, eating lunch, and talking to her mother before flynn arrived a little after 8, giving her about an hour. This is just speculation— the reason for the time disconnection might be simply movie pauses or the aura of magic around the tower. This would explain the theory of magic running in the family for blondes with elsa, and rapunzal, because although her hair healing powers came from the magic flower, she might have been born with this particular power. Also, anna did not show any signs of super strength before she was hit on the head with elsa’s powers and grew a blonde streak. It is possible that it just gets stronger by age and after a certain age in your adulthood, you either lose or learn to hide that power. It may be the case that everyone in the family has powers and have either learned to control them, or lost them. It is probable that rapuzals power is instead healing or hair strength, but it is fun to speculate. Moving on… Snow white and cinderella can control small or slightly more domestic/harmless animals. Aurora was gifted with grace and beauty and (again) seems to posses the ability to befriend small animals. Tiana and Jasmine might have extraordinary determination (Tiana) and adaptability (Jasmine) or something… Jasmine is more than what she seems and isn’t afraid to do whats right. Merida has her archery and Mulan is simply awesome. Pocahontas can understand nature and posseses wisdom of many years. Maybe they all have powers (not just the ones I randomly thought up with just now)!


    • Palomita says:

      Jasmine has the power of seduction. And she connects with nature, too. Rajah, Abu, and like three million doves


  7. bigE says:

    Snow White has the power to control animals through song, and she has black hair, so…


  8. TheRaisinKing says:

    The goddess of snow is khoine so maybe Elsa is somehow related to her…


  9. The Drunkard Kid says:

    Please. This black-haired Disney Princess has a healing factor and claws.



  10. Also, if Frozen and Tangled were connected then YES! Somewhere at the end of Tangled, Flynn gets stabbed and then he cuts off Rapunzel’s hair then he died. When Rapunzel’s Golden Hair was cut off it turned brown, but then again if magical powers only runs on blonde off springs then how come Rapunzel healed Flynn even with brown hair? She cries then drops a tear on Flynn’s cheeks then something magical happened and then Flynn was revived.


  11. Cdv Ambion says:

    Is it not obvious?
    Super Strength the Streak in her hair?
    She got Rogue’s Powers…
    Only without absorbing ability and full flight!


  12. Laura says:

    then where is Aurora in the blond girl area? And does Jack Frost come in this at all? I know he is Dreamworks, but how did he get his powers?


  13. Jeanette says:

    Is Kristoff Santa; Kris Kringle?!?? Reindeer-pulling sleigh?! WHAT WHAT! The original story is from Norway too!


    • Breanne says:

      LOL!!!!!! That is one of the wackiest theories I’ve ever heard!! What if Kristoff fell out of his dad’s sleigh and then Santa sent a reindeer to rescue him. There was a succession of many blizzards and they had to end up staying the winter. The reindeer gave birth to a baby Sven and then was hunted and caught by Oaken. (notice the reindeer trophy in his trading post?!!) Because the reindeer never returned, Santa assumed his son had died. Kristoff and Sven where on their own. They eventually tried joining some local ice harvesters, but where unsuccessful. On the night that Elsa struck Anna with her powers, he followed the ice trail and was adopted by trolls. There.


  14. WER says:



  15. milocat1 says:

    Hmm…two close characters, one of whom has ice powers and the other of whom has super-strength? Why does that sound tantalizingly familiar…

    Remember, Elsa (and according to this theory Anna) was born with her powers; and based on the trolls’ comments, it doesn’t seem to be an unheard-of occurrence. My theory is that Elsa, at the very least, is one of the earliest examples of the Supers who would form the backbone of The Incredibles, and is in fact a distant relative of Frozone.


  16. mskennaqueen says:

    Most Disney Villains have a scene in their movie where there is lots of green. I really wonder why. Any way, think about this. People are saying Anna might have gotten her powers when elsa struck her. What else did she get then? HER BLONDE STREAK! So technically she is blonde. Partially. So are there really other princesses with powers? I really wonder. I believe they are all talents and likes for the others. Ariel: Talented singer. Cinderella: Loves animals. Snow White: Really has no choice. She lives in a forest for Pete’s Sake! and as for Aurora: She is blonde. What is her power? Well, you could say it is singing or talking to animals, but haven’t I ruled those out already? Yes. She just doesn’t have a power. And Hello! Cinderella anyone? Isn’t she blonde? Why don’t you care?


    • MegieLuLu says:

      Disney has said that only Rapunzel, Aurora & Elsa are blonde with Cinderella being strawberry blonde (more of a ginger shade) & if you think about it Aurora not ageing for 100 years that sounds pretty magical too me


      • Paige says:

        The 3 good fairies helped Phillip escape and reach Aurora right after he was captured, meaning she was only asleep for less than a day. It’s only in the original story by the Brothers Grimm that she sleeps 100 years.


  17. SammyDew says:

    Don’t forget, at the start of Frozen, when Anna is singing “For the First Time in Forever”, she climbs out a window onto a swing. She then pulls herself up using a rope so she see can above the level of the rooftops of the palace. She pulls her ENTIRE body weight up, smiling as she does so!! That seems pretty powerful to me.


  18. derp says:

    If Anna had super strength, why wouldn’t they put her in the military, or be Elsa’s bodyguard?


  19. aLiSsA says:

    I think that Anna does have super strength, I mean if you look at the movie closely its really obvious

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  20. Lila says:

    Will Anna have a baby in frozen fever?


  21. Paige says:

    1 talent most Disney Princesses have is befriending animals, but that’s just Disney magic at work.


  22. Jon says:

    I have held this theory ever since I saw the movie. One other piece of evidence is in “First Time in Forever” when she jumps in front of the paintings and is able to hold her pose for what seems to be an unnatural amount of time.

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  23. …Rogue…
    Same white streak on her hair as Ana.


  24. booboo says:

    I think Anna does have superpowers because we’ve got all the evidence. So far her powers are: super strength, super speed. But i think (apart from Aurora) she could a bit of immortality as in “do you wanna build a snowman?” she falls of a flight of stairs and still does not look hurt and instead still singing about the fact that she needs company….


  25. Belle from beauty and the beast and Mulan from Mulan have also been shown to be very strong. Ok we can argue Mulan is because of militairy training. Belle puts the beast after wolf scene on Philipe her horse to get him back to castle. We also see her effortlessly help a heavy beast lay down on castle roof. And when she reached to him part of time she held him up one handed. Ana does seem very strong also.

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  26. Gracie says:

    This might just be a problem of exact wording, but: when Anna gets struck by Elsa’s snow powers, the trolls “fix” her by removing “all magic, even memories of magic. To be safe.” If Anna was born with superpowers/was given superpowers by Elsa, then wouldn’t that troll-healing-magic-thing have removed it? Or could she have somehow gained superpowers later on in life? Was just a thought…
    [I’m sorry for nit-picking; I really like this theory.]


  27. Syyy says:

    Anna can levitate because in the first time in forever she jumps in front of the paintings for like one minute


  28. LOL, but I think you’re grasping at straws with this one.


    • Couchpotata says:

      I think that Ariel could be a version of a Siren ( if you don’t know what that is it is a mermaids singing That lures unwary sailors on to rocks To die.) which would explain why Prince Eric was so moved by ariels voice and was destined to find her. As well as that could be the reason why King Triton showed more care and “love” to her them her other siblings because he hated humans so much and her voice could lead them to their death. And a theory: that could be the reason why he hates humans so much was because a pirate( possibly hook) killed Ariels mother. So her VOICE could be her superpower.


  29. Couchpotata says:

    I think that Ariel could be a version of a Siren ( if you don’t know what that is it is a mermaids singing That lures unwary sailors on to rocks To die.) which would explain why Prince Eric was so moved by ariels voice and was destined to find her. As well as that could be the reason why King Triton showed more care and “love” to her them her other siblings because he hated humans so much and her voice could lead them to their death. And a theory: that could be the reason why he hates humans so much was because a pirate( possibly hook) killed Ariels mother. So her VOICE could be her superpower.


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