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Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Keys And The 8 Missing Worlds Of Kingdom Hearts III

Following news of the cancellation of a Kingdom Hearts game for iOS, concept art began to emerge for the proposed Disney worlds that would have appeared in ‘Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Keys‘. As well as returning to series favourites like Neverland, Agrabah and the Seven Dwarves’ … Continue reading

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Big Hero 6 Is One Of The Few Real Worlds In The Disneyverse

In 30 Disney Movies That Share A World  I presented the theory that the worlds of the Disney universe are all part a big alien experiment featuring endlessly connected, repeating narratives. Wreck-It Ralph blew that theory out of the water, showing that Tangled – and therefore … Continue reading

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Aladdin Is Set In A Distant Post-Apocalyptic Future

A popular (and quite possibly the first) Disney theory argues that Disney’s Aladdin is set in the distant future, rather than the past, and that this can be proven by a handful of hints dropped by Genie in the movie. I already … Continue reading

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Kingdom Hearts Explained By The Disney Theory

In the Disney Theory, I set out to connect various Disney movies to a single unified Disney Universe. A popular response to this post was that I was too late – that the Disney worlds had already connected several years ago by a little Disney/Square-Enix … Continue reading

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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor – Motion-control meets hardcore… in a tank

Hooked Gamers The armored core audience To say the Kinect is lacking a decent title for core gamers is roughly as insightful as observing that the Wii was missing a decent pair of analogue sticks. Nevertheless, the expectation that a … Continue reading

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