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How Frozen Connects To The Other 73 Disney Movies

Some enterprising individuals at allfancydress.com have produced an infographic that connects all 74 Disney movies in a pleasing Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon-esque way, only using Frozen as the lynch-pin. So far my theories have only managed to connect Frozen to Tangled, The Little … Continue reading

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Why The Death Of Disney’s Mother Can’t Explain The Absence Of Disney Mothers

As an obvious fan of Disney Theories and fan speculation I’m always on the look out for interesting theories that might shed light on popular Disney movies. So when people suddenly start talking about the link between the death of Walt Disney’s mother and the fictional … Continue reading

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This Timeline Puts Every Disney Movie In Chronological Order

Aish over at disneysnewgroove.tumblr.com has put together a timeline that could finally settle the arguments over the exact order of Disney movie settings. The sequence differs greatly from my original Disney Theory but is so well put together you can’t fault her … Continue reading

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The True Endings Of Disney’s Fairy Tales

We all know many of the most popular Disney movies are based on fairy tale classics, but how much of these tales have been ‘Disneyfied’ for family-friendly ratings? See below for the shocking stories behind your Disney favourites. If you know any … Continue reading

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Disney Have Secretly Connected The Disney And Marvel Universes

When the Walt Disney Company bought Marvel Entertainment in 2008, comic-book fans were understandably concerned that Iron Man and the Avengers would soon be making awkward Disney Channel crossovers and filling Disney Store shelves. But what if I told you that these … Continue reading

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