Aladdin Is Set In A Distant Post-Apocalyptic Future

A popular (and quite possibly the first) Disney theory argues that Disney’s Aladdin is set in the distant future, rather than the past, and that this can be proven by a handful of hints dropped by Genie in the movie.

I already have my own theories about Genie and his flexible approach to linear time, but since this idea has so many supporters it’s at least worthy of some consideration.


Is Aladdin Actually Living In A Post-Apocalyptic World?


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How Frozen Connects To The Other 73 Disney Movies

Some enterprising individuals at have produced an infographic that connects all 74 Disney movies in a pleasing Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon-esque way, only using Frozen as the lynch-pin.


So far my theories have only managed to connect Frozen to Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Wreck-It RalphTarzan and Beauty and the Beast, so trust me when I say it’s worth a look.

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Why The Death Of Disney’s Mother Can’t Explain The Absence Of Disney Mothers

As an obvious fan of Disney Theories and fan speculation I’m always on the look out for interesting theories that might shed light on popular Disney movies.

So when people suddenly start talking about the link between the death of Walt Disney’s mother and the fictional deaths of mothers in his films I’m definitely going to listen.

In this article I explore this Disney mother theory in full, question it, and explain what I think Disney theories are about and why real tragedies are not part of the fun.

What’s Happening To Disney Mothers?


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This Timeline Puts Every Disney Movie In Chronological Order

Aish over at has put together a timeline that could finally settle the arguments over the exact order of Disney movie settings.

The sequence differs greatly from my original Disney Theory but is so well put together you can’t fault her execution.

Disagree on any positions? Comments below.

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Elsa Isn’t The Only Princess With Super Powers

In The Frozen Theory I argue that Elsa and Rapunzel prove that only blonde princesses in the unified Disneyverse develop superpowers.

Now a new idea is contradicting that theory by suggesting that a certain other Disney princess has superpowers too.

Because Frozen‘s Anna has super-strength.


Before we explore this theory, let’s look at the evidence:

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