The Frozen Theory (And The Detail It Misses)

Recently, an imaginative redditor proposed a theory that connected the worlds of Frozen and Tangled.

Below I have compiled what I think are the best pieces of ‘evidence’ raised in support of the theory, as well as one key detail that I believe changes everything.

But first, the theory:

The Frozen Theory

It didn’t take long after the release of Frozen for the internet to spot a certain cameo during the song ‘For The First Time In Forever’.

Rapunzel In Frozen

Princess Anna runs out to meet Flynn Rider and Rapunzel.

In this screenshot from early on in the film, we see a certain Disney princess attending the rare event of Arendelle opening its gates.

Judging by Rapunzel’s hair colour and style, we can see that this is set after Tangled because that film ends with Rapunzel cutting off her golden locks.

End Of Tangled

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel as they appear at the end of Tangled.

This is not the only proof that Frozen is set after Tangled. In fact, we know exactly how much time has passed between them.

You see, in Frozen, Anna and Elsa’s parents board an ill-fated ship that sadly never returns.

Sinking Ship

The moving scene of the King and Queen’s demise.

We are then told that three years have passed since the ship sank. This is when the main plot of Frozen takes place. Three years later.

It is, of course, no accident that Frozen was released three years (almost to the day) after Tangled.

The shared '7.9' score is a conspiracy theory for another day.

The shared ‘7.9’ score is a conspiracy theory for another day.

Because Anna and Elsa’s parents died on their way to Rapunzel’s wedding.

How do we know this?

Well, in The Disney Theory I point out that the King and the Grand Duke appearing at the wedding in The Little Mermaid isn’t surprising as many European dignitaries would likely be invited to a European royal wedding.

(Since I wrote this article, Frozen writer and director Jennifer Lee has actually confirmed in a Reddit AMA that Elsa’s parents were on their way to a wedding. Co-director Chris Buck added that they survived the accident, and may be Tarzan’s parents.)

But Anna and Elsa’s parents were not just invited because they were royalty.

They were invited because one of them was related to Rapunzel.

The Queen (left) from Tangled and her brother, the King (right) from Frozen.

The Queen from Tangled and her brother, the King from Frozen.

The family resemblance between Tangled‘s Queen and Frozen‘s King is striking, and it makes sense given the setting of the films that a Norwegian princess (the Frozen animators have acknowledged Norway is basis for Arendelle) would end up married to a German king (‘Rapunzel’ was written by German authors, The Brothers Grimm).

It also explains Elsa’s magical abilities, and how the King is so prepared for a magical child. Clearly the blonde daughters of this royal family are somehow susceptible to developing magical abilities. When Rapunzel cuts her hair it turns brown like her mother’s and she loses her magic. Unlike her sister, Frozen‘s Anna is a redhead and never displays any magic (or does she?)

(Elsa’s not the only member of Disney royalty with control over the elements. To find out more, you should read The Lion King Theory.)

So of course when Elsa magically injures Anna, her father immediately knows where they have to go, retrieving a book on trolls and how they can help cursed youngsters. The troll chief even asks ‘Born with the powers or cursed?’ as if he is aware of their family history.

‘Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it show.’

Having seen his magical niece kidnapped by a jealous witch, it’s understandable that Elsa’s father wouldn’t want anybody to know about his daughter’s powers. This is why he teaches his daughter to hide her abilities, and later decides not to bring her to her cousin’s wedding for fear she might reveal them. Poor Anna was then also left so Elsa’s absence wasn’t so suspicious.

Three years later, when Arendelle opens its gates for Elsa’s coronation, it’s actually the first chance Rapunzel will have had to pay her respects to the previous king and queen – or rather, her aunt and uncle.

It Goes Deeper

Like all great conspiracies, the Frozen theory doesn’t stop at the easy connections. Not content to link just Frozen and Tangled, the threads stretch even further to connect to another Disney fairy tale that also shares an author with Frozen.

Because the sunken ship of Elsa’s parents has appeared in the Disney world before.

It’s the wreck that Ariel explores in The Little Mermaid.


Different, yes, but years underwater will do that to a wreck.

OK, so cynics might point out that this could be just about any ship. So let’s bring in some geography to explain the crazy.

You see, to travel from Frozen‘s frozen Norway to Tangled‘s Germany, you have to sail past Denmark.



Denmark is of course the home of Copenhagen’s  ‘Little Mermaid’ statue and is the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson, who wrote both ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘The Snow Queen’, which is the fairy tale Frozen is based on.

If the ship sank between Norway and Germany it would be lost somewhere in the North Sea that Ariel calls her home. That’s how it appears in The Little Mermaidafter years of degradation.

(For a different explanation of how Ariel finds the ship, read:)

Are Frozen’s King And Queen

Actually Tarzan’s Parents?

And so ends The Frozen Theory.


In The Disney Theory I used a certain scene from Tangled to support my theory.

See that book on the right?

See that book on the right?

This scene shows three Disney films that clearly exist as fairy tale books in the world of Tangled. In the top left we see Sleeping Beauty, below that is Beauty and the Beast, and over on the right…

The iconic image of The Little Mermaid.

The iconic image of The Little Mermaid.

So, the question: how can Ariel find the ship from Frozen if it exists as just a fairy tale in the connected world of Tangled?

The simple (and boring) answer would be that it doesn’t.

But What If It Does?

In the conclusion to The Disney Theory I argue that the fairy tales and recurring characters of the Disneyverse are archetypes in a grand repeating narrative of:

‘Daughters who dream of freedom, parents who die tragically and evil relatives who seek to control them.’

Like a computer trying to solve  some cosmic puzzle, the Disney universe keep taking the same pieces and combining them in different ways in an attempt to find some great answers.

So maybe Ariel doesn’t find Elsa’s parent’s ship. Maybe the ship belongs to some other ill-fated Disney parents. Maybe the ‘Little Mermaid’ book in Tangled isn’t simply the story of Ariel’s life but is one of the many pre-defined narratives that a princess’ life can follow in this repeating Disney universe.

Maybe we’re looking in the wrong place for answers.

Because as exciting as the Little Mermaid connection is, it has almost completely distracted theorists from a far more interesting unified Disneyverse connection.

Wreck-It Ralph's 'Sugar Rush' land appearing in Frozen.

Wreck-It Ralph‘s ‘Sugar Rush’ land as it appears in Frozen.

Perhaps the ‘one big computer program’ The Disney Theory imagined is more literal than anyone realised, and the Disney universe is actually a collection of Disney games (and no I don’t mean Disney Infinity).

But that will have to wait for…

Wreck-It Ralph Proves The

Disneyverse Is One Giant Computer

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90 Responses to The Frozen Theory (And The Detail It Misses)

  1. Mike says:

    Rapunzel’s power and hair color come from her mother drinking the potion made from the golden flower while she is still in the womb. It is not a genetic trait and therefore her brother (Elsa’s father) would not possess magical abilities that could be passed on to his children.


    • Joshubuh says:

      Good point, though it doesn’t explain why Rapunzel’s mother doesn’t also get magical abilities from the flower. I believe there is significance in the blonde hair. I wonder what other Disney royalty they might be related to…


      • Samantha says:

        Maybe it’s more of a susceptibility to magic’s abilities as a genetic trait. Something like that family having a low magical immunity, so to speak.

        The idea of a princess with magical ice powers makes more sense in the original context of the idea Disney had, where there was a troll prophecy that the kingdom would fall victim to a never-ending winter.

        Liked by 1 person

      • jeannetta says:

        i would like to point out that in tangled rapunzel does not loose her powers when she cuts her hair. Her powers transfer into her tears. She even shows this when she saves flynn, her tears fall onto his wound and are more powerful than her hair ever was.


      • Joshubuh says:

        I assumed this was a one-off sacrifice, just like the last magic of the flower came from drinking it. Since the magic came from the drop of sunlight it was then reflected by the yellow petals of the flower and Rapunzel’s blonde hair.

        Rapunzel obviously doesn’t show any magic in the animated short or Frozen but it will be interesting if she does in the future.


      • ernie817 says:

        The king(elsa’s father) is blonde and he doesn’t have magical powers.


  2. Rosa Diaz says:

    Maybe this is why Elsa’s father is so secretive about the “magic abilities” All he knows is that his niece was blond, and saved by a magic flower and kid-napped. But then again it doesn’t state that Rapunzel’s family knew of her powers, only the old lady (kid-napper), so why would he be so scared.
    Also, yahoo had proven that Elsa’s parents we on there way to Rapunzel’s return party. Not the wedding. Meaning the reason why Rapunzel was at Elsa’s party is to honor her in the repect of Elsa’s parents death.


    • Joshubuh says:

      Interestingly, Frozen writer and director Jennifer Lee confirmed Elsa’s parents were going to a wedding in this Reddit AMA. In answer to the same question, co-director Chris Buck suggested they washed up on shore on a jungle island. But that’s another story…

      Whether the family could know about her powers is a good question. When the queen is sick at the beginning of Tangled it’s interesting how the kingdom immediately knows they need a ‘magic golden flower’. Presumably this means there were already rumours about a witch and a magically rejuvenating flower, and when the flower cures the queen these rumours were confirmed.

      The king sees the witch disappear with his child, so he would have almost certainly launched an investigation in to why Gothel needed her. I’m betting the lock of brown hair in their blonde daughter’s crib was a clue…


  3. lauren says:

    Have you seen the possible connection of Frozen to Tarzan? That the Anna and Elsas parents didn’t die in the ship wreckage but washed up on shore of an island and had a baby boy. There is a picture of Tarzans parents next to the king and queen and they are strikingly similar. What are your thoughts on that? Also saw someone say they think Jane is Belle and Beasts grandaughter explaining why Mrs. teapot and chip are there… I’m no Disney conisour so I could definitely be missing major flaws in these theories but the Tarzan and Frozen connection is convincing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rosa Diaz says:

      Good point Lauren but if that were the case then Mrs Potts and chip wouldn’t be in their cursed form but in their human form because of the fact that they turned human at the end of the movie when the curse was broken. Way before Bell and Beast had kids.

      I wouldn’t doubt it if there was a connection between Frozen and Tarzan. Them sharing the same parents.


      • Rosa Diaz says:

        Good point Lauren but if that were the case then Mrs Potts and chip wouldn’t be in their cursed form but in their human form because of the fact that they turned human at the end of the movie when the curse was broken. Way before Bell and Beast had kids.

        I wouldn’t doubt it if there was a connection between Frozen and Tarzan. Them sharing the same parents.

        I just saw a picture of Tarzan’s parents and they do not look like Elsa’s parents besides there is a picture in Tarzan (movie) showing the parents holding Tarzan when he was a baby. Since we know Elsa’s parents were only leaving for 2 weeks there is no way they could have gotten pregnant, had a baby and had a picture painted all before the ship had went under.


    • mandylobo says:

      The creators of Tangled has announced that Tangled had been set around the 1740s. Since Rapunzel and Eugene feature in ‘Frozen’ looking relatively same, we can assume Frozen is set around the same time too. Tarzan however was set in the 19th century. There is no way the King and Queen of Arendelle are the father and mother of Tarzan. The time is way off.


      • Appfan says:

        Has it occurred to any of you people that, based on the clothing, Tangled and Frozen are at least 100 years apart, if not more. I’m suprised to read Tangled was set in the 1740s, it looks like the Renaissance to me, while I’d put Frozen some where near 1800. I know it’s all just internet fun, but the idea that Rapunzel in Frozen is anymore than an Easter egg and is actually intended to connect the films is just silly.


    • karla says:

      i have a theory of my own. What if prince Hans sailed to another kingdom to get married but actually found a true love so he stayed there for a while and got a son. Soon he decided to get back to his homeland and show his newborn to his brothers but they end up in a storm which carries them to Tarzan’s land. As he says he is ”Prince Hans of the Southern Isles” so it would explain how he ended up in a storm in the Caribbean and his beard is nearly the same as Tarzan’s father’s. What do you think?


  4. Disneyconnectfan says:

    OK. So if Elsa’s dad is a blonde too, couldn’t he have known about the possibility of magical powers being passed through his own genes? After all, he knew the trolls and right where to go when he needed them. Why and how did he know this? Had he visited them before himself? Perhaps some magical abilities were gifted to his line (maybe by some tiny fairies long ago to another blonde?).

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jerry says:

    so how did the haunted mansion’s statue end up in Frozen?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Marge says:

    If u see the movie tangled, ull see that she was birn with powers because of a flower so the family isnt all magic


  7. whittany says:

    In the last picture, the statue head, isn’t that prince eric?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. A says:

    Josh, you see they got married in on 2012 (Tangled Ever After). So this theory doesn’t have full proof or they got married earlier on 2010 and the animators just made Tangled Ever After late.


  9. John says:

    Tarzan and elsa can’t be related cause in the movie Tarzan. Tarzans dad has red hair and elsa’s dad has blonde hair


  10. spencer says:

    There is also a theory that the parents of Elsa and Anna survived the ill-fated sinking of the boat, washed up on an island, had a boy, then was killed by a leopard. The boy, Tarzan.


    • Tarzan’s parents were the Lord and Lady Greystoke of Englund. That story was set in the 1880s or 1890s. Frozen’s artwork sets it in the 1840s. I think people are reaching a little too far to connect everything.


  11. Bex says:

    I’d like to see if there is any link to Hans and his brothers who are princes and kings-if we’ve already met some of his brothers…

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  12. Reblogged this on So Fresh It Hurts and commented:
    Just spent an hour looking at this. Fresh? Maybe. Interesting? More than you know. Reblog worthy? You bet.


  13. jayray says:

    What if the parnets survived the wreck and gave birth to Tarzan


  14. Louisa says:

    The Tarzan’s parents are Elsa and Anna’s theory might be wrong. because the ship of Tarzan’s parents contained items not from Arendelle and the Father in the portrait was wearing a Suit and tie in the pic, which I think wasn’t invented yet or they simply didn’t wear those things at that time.


  15. Jeralyn says:

    I thought Rapunzel’s magic came from her mother drinking the potion. The magic didn’t give the queen any powers because it healed her…that was the magic working in her. It had nothing to do with Rapunzel being blonde. And Elsa isn’t technically blonde. Her hair is white. Also if they were cousin’s why would Anna have just walked by Rapunzel, singing, when they opened the gate? Wouldn’t she have greeted her?


    • Becky Chester says:

      Actually, in the official Frozen books, it is stated that Elsa has Platinum Blonde hair, which is the lightest hair color and appears to be white hair in certain lights.
      Also, lets consider the fact that Anna never met her cousin (it being Rapunzel in the theory) & that she was probably told that her cousin was born with Blonde hair, as well as the fact that there were all kinds of Royals & dignitaries attending the coronation, she might not have thought twice about the pretty brunette in the light pink dress in the sea of incoming people.


  16. If you pay attention to a certain thick french accent, you’ll find a Beauty and the Beast cameo in Frozen.


  17. Camille Chuaa says:

    How can Tarzan’s parents be Anna & Elsa? The shipwreck was in Denmark and Tarzan is in Africa then so how the hell can that happen? BTW Elsa & Anna’s father is a redhead while their mother is a brunette.


  18. DeathByGlory says:

    Hey I just wanna tell you that Kristoff did sing “Don’t let the frostbite bite”. Didn’t it sounds like Pumbaa’s “Don’t let the bed bugs bite”? Also, is there’s a way that Elsa and Anna’s Castle is actually the Beast Castle?


  19. Evan rose says:

    Just a head up at the end he asks how could Ariel exist if it’s just a fairy tale for some of e older disney fans u can recall the little mermaid tv show on Disney Chanel there is an episode that shows Hans christoph Anderson on a ship and catches a glimpse of Ariel which gives the idea to write the little mermaid keep in mind the show takes place before Ariel becomes human so It could be he finished his book before the timeline we see in tangled


  20. Anna and Elsa’s cousin are Rapunzel. When Anna and Elsa’s parents were shipwrecked, Ariel explored the ship but Anna and Elsa’s parents were not there because they have escaped in an island. In the island, they give birth to a boy named Tarzan, and they died because of a wild cut.


  21. NicoleAnn says:

    About the Tarzan theory, what if that comment by the co-directoris a hint @ a new movie in development.


  22. NicoleAnn says:

    And, what if Anna and Elsa’s parents’ ship sank en route to Rapunzel and Flynn’s wedding, because of Ursula’s Mega octo-witch victory dance hurricane. Also, Anna and Elsa’s father seemed to have known something about controlling magic. Plus, nothing in her room remained frozen when he was around.


  23. Pat Pat says:

    Maybe the king of Arendelle is also the queen from tangled’s son. I know its far fetched, but it would also explain the resemblance in between him and the queen


    • Pat Pat says:

      and his daughter’s powers, and the fact that he seemed so prepared to have a magical child, and the theory about the powers get sent down to the blond children in the family


    • Amy Tolonen says:

      Actually I think that they are brother and sister. Mostly because of Rapunzel and Eugene showing up in the First Time in Forever sequence. They look to be the same age as they did when they were in Tangled (Or Tangled Ever After. Take you’re pick) and Rapunzel and Anna/Elsa look to be the same age. If the king of Arendalle is the queen of Corona’s son, there would have to be a huge age gap between Rapunzel and Elsa/Anna


  24. Barbara says:

    No offense, but I honestly think that you people are paying way too much attention to the little things. There are many more things to worry about in life rather than if Repunzel was Anna and Elsa’s cousin or not. If Disney’s movies are so repetitive than just don’t watch them! Can’t I just watch a movie and not have so many people trying to find out every single detail? I mean, are you serious?


    • ?? Why are you so upset about it then?? You don’t have to be here. You don’t have to comment. If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to participate!! You can just watch a regular Disney movie if you want! Look, I’m sorry if we upset you but we ENJOY this!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING IF YOU DON’T WANT TO!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  25. Barbara says:

    Just so you are aware, I was reading the comments, and someone mentioned something about Anna and Elsa’s parents being gone for two weeks and not being able to get pregnant in that amount if time. Well, if you had payed attention, in Disney’s Frozen, Anna and Elsa’s parents never returned, so yes they would have enough time to have a baby…I’m just pointing out the obvious.


    • Amy Tolonen says:

      In Tarzan, the baby is already born when the ship is sunk. In Frozen, Anna says “See you in two weeks” because that’s how long until they come back. The creators of Frozen have released that they were on their way to a wedding when the boat sinks (most likely Rapunzel’s wedding). Anna’s mother is not pregnant when they leave, meaning that it is impossible that she could have given birth to Tarzan in the two weeks that they were on board the ship in those two weeks.


  26. Barbara says:

    The thing with the whole “blonde hair” …the area that this animated film was to take place, was in Norway…it’s common for people around Germany or Russia to have blonde hair and blue eyes so stop freaking out


  27. Ghougle says:

    Didn’t The Little Mermaid take place in the Caspian Sea? Apart from Hans Christian Andersen, what makes everyone think TLM took place in Denmark?


  28. k says:

    I like the original theory of Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel being cousins, the Arial thing is a little far fetched and so is the tarzan stuff, the animation is totally different and doesn’t quite flow with the original theory, unless Eric was Anna and kristoffs son. Or Repunzel and Eugenes son. however, I have heard rumors on Jack Frost and Elsa, are they related by some chance? or possibly just two magic people who meet then marry? what do you think?


    • Dragoon11792 says:

      Rise of the Guardians is a Dreamworks film, so no, there is absolutely no connection.


    • Amy Tolonen says:

      The Frozen and Rise of the Guardian fandoms like to pair the two up cuz they both have ice powers, but since Frozen is Disney and ROTG is DreamWorks, no, its not possible for them to have a connection.


  29. k says:

    also I wanted to add, that the ship that there parents sank on couldn’t be the one Arial finds, I have been studying the ships and there original ship didn’t have little round windows that Arial used to escape from the shark. And the tarzans parents jumped from a boat that was on flames, not swam up from a sinking boat. as for anna and elsas parents were in a server storm and got drowned. now I kinda have a idea. the boat in tarzan could be the same in arial? maybe??


  30. Nikhil Rajkumar says:

    I don’t know if anyone realized this yet, but doesn’t the bust in Anna’s picture with the chocolates look like Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid? I might be looking too far into things…but…


  31. Kaley says:

    In TLM, Sebastion sounds like he’s from the Caribbean, but the cook has is extremely French, and in TLM 2, Melody manages to get all the way to the North Pole within a day… it’s all very confusing.
    My personal opinion is that TLM and Frozen aren’t connected. Since we have no evidence where TLM take place, we can’t just assume they crossed paths. I support the Tangled and Frozen theory wholeheartedly, and since we have visual proof that Rapunzel knows the Frozen family well enough to attend Elsa’s coronation, its safe to say she has some relationship with them.


  32. Kaley says:

    Has anyone thought about Kristoff? No body knows his true lineage, since he lives with trolls, so it may be possible that he has a connection with someone else in the Disneyverse. Reply if you have any ideas on this.

    I’ve actually thought about this, and I’m wondering if maybe he’s related to Anastasia and the Baker from Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True. If you look up “The Baker Cinderella 2″ you can see some pictures of The Baker and Anastasia. Look at Kristoff’s round face, blonde hair, large nose that compares to The Baker, and his dark brown eyes that compares to Anastasia. Don’t forget Kristoff’s attraction to excentric redheads that compares to his father’s…

    There is not a ton of evidence supporting this, because it is questionable how Kristoff managed to make his way from 1700’s France to and area near Russia… but neverless, the extreme similarities between Anastasia, the Baker and Kristoff is kind of undeniable.

    As I said, PLEASE reply if you have any comments on this!


    • K says:

      Good idea! Never would have thought of that, the timing and living makes it kinda far fetched but the accually resemblance is astonishing. Perhaps he was left alone when they crashed on a boat towards Arandelle or Anastasia didn’t want him ( since she has been known for a faul themperment) she very easily could have sent him away..


  33. apai811 says:

    How did Elsa get her powers?
    We have to look at the Tangled/Frozen storylines together. There are many clues that point to this
    1. Why is Elsa born with the special powers
    2. How does the king know where to go when Elsa strikes Anna accidently
    3. Who are the King/Troll in the King’s book – it seems like the trolls had saved someone in the family from frozen head syndrome before.
    4. When the troll warns of Elsa’s power having dangers the King says she can learn to control it I’m sure – what gives him this confidence. Why is he sure that Anna or others will not be in danger again
    5. How does he know that the gloves will help Elsa – even though other materials like shoes don’t block Elsa’s icy powers?
    Elsa likely got her powers from her father’s side. Many hundreds years ago when a drop of sun fell on the Earth the magic flower bloomed with healing powers. Around the same time the force of the wind and water combined in Arendelle away and gave rise to a magic ice crystal which was likely acquired by Arendelle’s King to gain magical powers. However, this power was not controlled and resulted in at least one example of frozen head syndrome and the troll helped. Since then the family did not disclose the powers to anyone. The powers subsequently passed on to descendants, sometimes skipping a generation. It is likely Elsa’s father had seen someone in the family with these powers and that’s how he knows how to help.

    This also ties in to why everyone in Rapunzel’s kingdom starts searching for the magic flower when the queen is ill. If Rapunzel’s mom is the sister of Elsa and Anna’s dad then it is very likely that she or her brother might have asked for a search of the magic source – having known of the ice crystal and its power. That also explains why the healing powers was acquired by Rapunzel and stayed strong in her tears with her even though her hair was cut.
    This brings me to the more exciting part of my theory. It is very likely there will be two more Disney princesses with powers. We have had two as of now – Rapunzel the princess with the healing and restorative power of Magic flower which was born when a drop of the Sun (Fire) fell on the Earth. The second magical princess is Elsa, with the power of the magic ice crystal born of the cold air (Wind) and Mountain Rain (Water) combining (as alluded to in the Frozen Heart song). Rapunzel has the power of restoration/life and represents Earth, Elsa wields the beautiful but deadly power of water. The next two princesses will have the powers of the Wind and Fire.


  34. Kaley says:

    In response to the previous post, I agree that the Tangled and the Frozen families might possibly be related… and to the response to the Fire, Ice, Wind and Water theory, I think it might be plausible. And guess what! Disney is creating a new Princess movie called Moana! Although we might have to wait for a few years, we might have another power Princess in the league.


  35. Kaley says:

    And also, maybe we already have a Water power person…
    think about King Triton! Although he is defiantly NOT a princess, he still has the Water power.
    And this sort of ties into the Frozen Theory too… what if Tangled’s family, Frozen’s family and TLM’s family really are connected, at least in the power department.


  36. apai811 says:

    Thanks so much for making the connection – I didnt think it through before. Moana is a Polynesian princess and this confirms the Earth, Water, Fore Wind Theory. The South Pacific is the spirited/mystical meeting ground of Fire and Water – where Volcanic Lava flows into the ocean. (Fire goddess Pele is an example of the folklore). Moana is the Princess with Fire Powers.


  37. apai811 says:

    And the Trolls, King Triton – King of Mermaids/other magical characters confirm that other creatures are able to harness these powers but humans can only do so in extremely rare circumstances. King Triton and probably other sea creatures like the sea witch Ursula possess varying degrees of water power. Pabee the magical Troll ( or rock creature) possesses the Healing/Life giving power of Earth as did some of his ancestors (if he isn’t several hundred years old and was the troll in the King’s book). It is not yet revealed as to WHY certain human princesses were also able to possess these powers – is there a grander theory hiding behind the “Earth, Water, Fire, Wind” Theory. Will there be a princess who brings them all together for a grand adventure ( similar to the assembling of the Avengers). Only time will tell and I can’t wait.


  38. Muppetaz says:

    Interesting to note, the skeleton of a pirate (with a sword lodged in the place his chest should be) appears on board the ship Ariel explores in The Little Mermaid; how precisely would one explain that?


  39. Smiles says:

    What if the girl’s magical powers is closely related to marvels “mutants”? Therefore connecting the marvel world and the Disney world.


  40. Abby says:

    In the start of Tarzan the ship is on fire and a mother is already holding her baby even though Elsa and Ana’s mother never looked pregnant. My idea is that rapunzels parents also were in a ship crash in the future and they are the ones. A bad luck in families which would also mean that Eric is related to them!


    • mandylobo says:

      Tarzan was raised in a completely different century than Elsa and Anna. There is no way he’s related to them, not their brother at least. Also the geography kinda shoots this theory apart. Considering that they were traveling from Norway to Germany the ship being washed up in Kenya where Tarzan is said to have been set is pretty unplausible.


  41. Morgan says:

    So I’m obsessed with the theory of a relationship between Tangled, Frozen, and The Little Mermaid. Many of my friends and family were skeptical. However, today, when watching Frozen for the hundredth time, in the scene right AFTER the Rapunzle cameo, it cuts to Elsa again, and then back to Anna. The first millisecond of the scene when it cuts back to Anna you see her turned around and waving to the exact spot Eugine and Rapunzle were seconds ago. Confirming that there was. Prior connection between the two girls. It’s the slightest glance of a wave, but it’s there!


  42. The theory that the Disneyverse keeps repeating patterns actually seems quite reasonable to me; and quite close to the idea presented in Mercedes Lackey’s 500 Kingdoms series ( , where all the fairy tales that we’ve known so far take place in some unspecified medieval era – controlled by a magical atmosphere called The Tradition(or Fate, if you will) which tries to fit every person’s story to match existing ones.


  43. everman says:

    I have one thing that I don’t understand
    what is the map that fell from the old book in frozen
    and what the mean of TRNI that wright on the Map


  44. Eliza Whi says:

    I believe I’m commenting this in the wrong place, but only because I lost the page I was one while reading when I came up with a theory. What if the prince Ariel sees on the ship is one of Hans’s brother or hans himself? He did have 12 brothers. Or what if on the way back to The Southern Isles they have a ship wreck? And Hans is the prince Areil sees. It seems impossible for both of the ships to wreck in the same place but it would explain why the Duke is in Tarzan right?


  45. Isabelle says:

    maybe Tarzan is a child that Anna and Elsa parents saved from the ship wreck rather then it being theirs, cause the time frame would be wrong or maybe Tarzan parents where also on the same ship. I don’t think Tarzan is Elsa and Anna parents though. Oh and in case your all forgetting Elsa is blonde because of the curse she is born with, she may not naturally be a blonde e.g. like Rapunzel wasn’t naturally blonde she could just be blonde because she has magic inside her rather then the other way round, thus being blondes are magic I.f you remember in the film she frozen Anna mind and even Anna hair turned blonde because she had ice in her. Rapunzel was naturally brunette so Elsa could. But why doesn’t she turn brunette at the end of the film you ask, well this is because Elsa unlike Rapunzel doesn’t actually get rid of her powers, she just simply learns to control them for good. So it is magic that turns your hair blonde to show you are magical. And the reason the queen doesn’t turn blonde is because the baby in the womb drinks the nectar also hence why Rapunzel is born blonde.


    • Errr-no. says:

      The Tarzan’s parents theory doesn’t makes sense because they had all that extra stuff with them. Why would they things like a family photo if they planned to return?


  46. blakrayvon says:

    Perhaps we should consider that Anna and Elsa’s father is descended from a certain redheaded demi-god. The sharp, straight nose is rather Greek. Being related to the Gods could certainly play havoc on genetics. And I believe that the ship that Ariel explores in The Little Mermaid, is suppose to be the ship that crashed and killed Ariel’s mother in The Little Mermaid 3. I do believe that The Little Mermaid takes place around the Caribbean (at least the Disney version does) due to the colorful reef and fish and the Jamacian crab. With that information, it could be speculated that Eric is one of Hans’ older brothers, being as Hans is from “the Southern Isles”.


  47. Ally says:

    This is just a thought but the head that Anna sings too what if it’s the head of the Prince Eric statue.


  48. Errr-no. says:

    As much as we all want “The Little Mermaid” to actually have occurred in Denmark… about all those TROPICAL FISH?


  49. Frau Jott says:

    “Rapunzel’ was written by German authors, The Brothers Grimm”. It was actually just collected by them, like all German fairytales, parts of them being related to French fairytales (like Sleeping Beauty) and eastern European fairytales. Maybe the people working for Disney are aware of these things too?


  50. I hope jack frost from the rise of the guardians and elsa from frozen will soon be related . . think they have love chemistry :D hope ull work it up. .


  51. because they both got the ice powers anyway. . :D


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