30 Disney Movies That Share A World – Part 3

21. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Take it easy. It’s difficult to screenshot a song.

Take it easy. It’s difficult to screenshot a song.

We can’t know which Disney princess is standing on that curb in Oliver and Company, though it’s significant that it’s in the same film that Tito happens to sing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ ‘Heigh Ho’.

There really is no good reason for a Chihuahua living in 1980s New York to know this song from Walt Disney’s classic, and there is actually little else to connect Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs‘ world to our Disneyverse. Did a pale princess or a troupe of dwarfs find their way in to this time, whistling a merry tune? Or is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs a popular fictional film in the Disney world, as it is in ours? (It wouldn’t be the only one.)

Oliver and Company which brings us conveniently to…

‘The Disney Dogs Trilogy’

‘Hey guys! Do you smell butt?’

‘Hey guys! Do you smell butt?’

22. Lady and the Tramp

In Oliver and Company, while Dodger sings ‘Why Should I Worry?’ we see Peg, Jock and Trusty being walked by their owners. Since Peg was a stray in Lady and the Tramp the optimist in us will assume Oliver and Company is later in the timeline and she has since found a happy home.

23. 101 Dalmations

16 Dalmations ft Lady

101 Dalmatians is a cute idea but their leavings must be biblical.

Which makes 101 Dalmations the earliest in the trilogy, as we see a young Peg sitting unloved in a pet-shop window.

15 Dalmations ft Lady 2

A rejected title was ‘Vagrant and the Bitch’.

Not to mention the appearance from the titular Lady and the Tramp themselves; lending their voices to Pongo and Perdita’s ‘Twilight Bark’ to bring the stolen Dalmatians home.

Remember Oliver and Company? The message of that movie was ‘drink Diet Coke’.

Remember Oliver and Company? The message of that movie was ‘drink Diet Coke’.

Which brings us full circle back to Oliver and Company, as Pongo (or perhaps one of his now full-grown pups) appears in that same song, straining to escape his lead.

24. Basil the Great Mouse Detective

16b Oliver  ft Basila

I don’t want to know how this works. Don’t tell me.

In Oliver and Company, we also see the notorious Ratigan from Basil the Great Mouse Detective in the photos of Georgette’s suitors. This makes us squeamish so we’ll follow this connection without commenting on any inter-species significance.

25. Alice in Wonderland

17.1 Basil ft Alice

Another out of work Lizard chimney sweep joins a gang. It’s a tale as old as time.

The appearance of Bill the Lizard as one of Ratigan’s henchmen is odd, since we might assume Wonderland is a dream world in the Disneyverse. Clearly that rabbit-hole works a lot like Peter Pan’s dimension-travelling ‘second star to the right’. When Alice sneezes and sends Bill flying it must have knocked him clean out of Wonderland, and, unfortunately, in to a life of crime. Tragic, really.

26. Dumbo

17.3 Basil ft Dumbo

Dumbo – maybe they bought him at the Disney Store?

Dumbo fits a similar category to Pinocchio, since outside of his own film he only appears as a toy. Movies didn’t exist in the time of Basil the Great Mouse Detective so we can only guess his cameo is as a popular toy who later has a film made about him.

27. Lilo & Stitch

18 Lilo ft Dumbo

Selling merch to your own characters is kinda low – even for Disney.

Meaning the toy Dumbo in Lilo & Stitch may well be a toy from the movie about the toy, which would be incredibly meta and so I completely approve.

28. Mulan

19 Lilo ft Mulan

I’m betting that poster covers up a Shawshank Redemption escape route from her annoying sister.

Mulan is the only fictional film we can be certain exists in the Disneyverse, as we see the same poster that was used to advertise the film in our world. There is even a restaurant in the film called Mulan’s Wok which is presumably some kind of PR tie-in.

29. Tarzan

21 Tarzan ft Mulan

Old man (last seen carrying toy dog) found brutalised by gorillas.

So, if Mulan is a fictional film in the Disneyverse, how do we explain Jane’s father in Tarzan carrying a toy dog that looks exactly like Mulan’s dog? It can’t be movie merchandise, as Tarzan is clearly set in a time before cinemas.

The answer’s simple: it isn’t movie merchandise, it’s a mascot Jane’s father took with him on all his adventures. Little Brother’s appearance in Mulan must be based on that toy, meaning Jane or one of her siblings went on to work in the movie industry and included the mascot in honour of their adventurer father. (This fits with the early projector Jane’s father has with him in Tarzan, which I investigate further in The Walt Disney Theory.)

In this case, a story like Tarzan’s would almost certainly also be one of the films they made (as well as Snow White and Mulan). This would make Tarzan both a fictional film and a real event in the Disneyverse (but which are we watching?)

22 Tarzan ft Beauty

This tea-set has to be made of that infomercial stuff to have lasted so well.

While on the subject of Tarzan, Mrs. Potts and Chip’s appearance could be further proof that artefacts in the Disneyverse travel through time to be at important events.

We could assume that it was the same set from Beauty and the Beast, but that would make it an heirloom centuries old and would require its own theory to explain.

30. Treasure Planet

20 Treasure ft Lilo

In the future, Lilo & Stitch is the only Disney movie that makes any sense.

Finally, if Stitch is real, why he is a toy in Treasure Planet?

This one is simple. After all the trouble Stitch causes when he first arrives on Earth, it’s no surprise that he might inspire the odd cuddly toy. He is incredibly cute, after all.

And that brings us to the end of our 30! But wait, didn’t I promise to explain how character archetypes like Pumbaa, the Disney Princesses, and Bambi’s mother appear in wildly different time periods?

Well that secret lies in the Lilo & Stitch sequel: Leroy & Stitch

‘The Stitch Experiments’

After Stitch finds places where each of the 625 experiments (or ‘cousins’, as he calls them) belong, he then has to rally them together again to defeat a cloned army of Leroys. When we see Stitch’s army of experiments there are two obvious outliers.

23 Lilo ft Liona

This adorable scene is also known as ‘Stitch’s Nuremberg’ – you monster.

Among the experiments are Timon and Pumbaa – which is the key to explaining how these character archetypes appear throughout time…

They’re being made.

Sons that long for adventure, daughters who dream of freedom, parents who die tragically and evil relatives who seek to control them. The Disneyverse is one big experiment; a series of algorithms playing out in a loop, trying to perfect and thereby understand the logic of fairy tales.

And this is why magic exists in the Disneyverse: once you see the patterns, you can manipulate them. You can reach through the code and tip the odds in the favour of good or bad – place a magic lamp for a hero to find, a collection of fairy tales to inspire an escape, a pair of friends to guide the way. This is why the world is repeating the same characters and narratives, because it’s all part of the same alien experiment, it’s like one big computer program, working on the same problem.

Or… Stitch thought Timon and Pumbaa were aliens. 

To see how the Disney Theory connects FrozenTangled and The Little Mermaid, read:

The Frozen Theory
(And The Detail It Misses)

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79 Responses to 30 Disney Movies That Share A World – Part 3

  1. Diane Isis says:

    Wow! Fascinating! Thanks.

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  2. Brilliantly done! I would not have been able to notice all those tiny tiny easter eggs and connections, but the next time I’m watching these movies I sure will

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  3. Sharon says:

    Or Disney animators (and I used to know one) have a history of enjoying putting easter eggs in their movies .


  4. danielisthor says:

    Not that it would have much bearing on your theory, but Jock and Trusty weren’t strays, only Peg was. Jock and Trusty were neighbors to Lady.

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  5. Justin Campbell says:

    Is it at all possible that the Navigator of “Flight of the Navigator” is also a Jumba Juuquiba experiment? And that the bridge between this theory and the Unified Pixar theory is Kim Possible (who is established as existing in the same continuity as “Lilo and Stitch”) being a distant descendant of Merida from “Brave?”

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  6. Alias says:

    Funny! Just a tiny detail–doesn’t wreck the continuity but it would be fun to throw in. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, but The Rescuers actually takes place on the Gulf coast of Florida, not in Louisiana as you would expect. We briefly see Medusa inspecting a map which shows only Florida. This makes sense in terms of the time the film was made (close to the construction of Disney World), and also, the inhabitants of the swamp consistently call it a “swamp”, not a “bayou”, and have accents which make more sense as Florida Cracker than Louisiana Cajun. The word “bayou” isn’t completely unheard of in Florida place names, though, which takes care of “Devil’s Bayou”.

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  7. Krista R. says:

    There’s one theory I know that was left out. It is probable that Jane from “Tarzan” is a descendant of Belle and Prince Adam since she shares some resemblance to them. Also, that would explain her attraction to Tarzan because of his animal-like behavior.

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    • Joshubuh says:

      Love this idea! Their questionable taste in men is genetic!


      • Abigail W says:

        Another theory I’ve seen is that Anna and Elsa’s parents didn’t die on the shipwreck, they washed up on an island and had a son Tarzan and then we’re later killed by an animal. If you look at the picture you see of Tarzan’s parents, it looks like Anna and Elsa’s parents!


  8. Rakesh Singh says:

    Very Funny…
    Thanks a lot…

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  9. Brian says:

    where does the fox version of robin hood fit in all of this?


    • Joshubuh says:

      No idea. There are some links between Robin Hood and The Jungle Book (Baloo/Little John) but I can’t see a way to tie them in. Let me know if I’m missing something.


      • Interested says:

        Great article! Could the key to Robin Hood be the Island of Naboombu we find in Bedknobs and Broomsticks? And The Jungle Book clearly took place before Great Britain began to colonize India… so this could be anytime before probably Tarzan… Also I’ve always thought the two vultures from Robin Hood bore a striking resemblance to the vultures from Jungle Book. Could it be the sorcerer Astoroth who gave the animals anthropomorphism in BK&BS also transported the some of the animals back and forth between time/space?


      • Rando says:

        Robin Hood and The Jungle Book are alterations to the computer simulation. It’s why we have stories where humans are replaced by animals (Robin Hood) and how humans can have the power to talk to animals (Jungle Book). The question is “WHY?” The answer is that it’s not aliens that are running our simulation but machines. That is how The Pixar Theory fits into your Disney Theory,

        The Disney Theory you presented is how the machines want us to learn history. The Pixar Theory, our real history, depicts the machine uprising and the ultimate subjugation of the human race. Wall-E shows us how the machines want us to behave, subjugated and loyal to the machines, but if we rebel we also see what happens when we are given a vision of hell, in The Black Hole, the machines tell us what happens to rebellious humans. We are imprisoned and forced to be tortured by the “Robot Devil.” Which is why there are alterations to the simulation (Robin Hood), humans that break the machine laws are placed into an isolation chamber and made to watch a simulation that allows them to be subjugated by the machines again. That’s why all the outlier Disney movies depict a story about redemption or destruction. Outlier Disney Movies are the ones that have no connection to the main universe. That’s why all the live action Disney movies don’t have any of the animated Easter Eggs. It’s also why there are animated Disney movies that don’t have visual clues to other movies.

        Robin Hood: Robin Hood a charismatic hero, who saves the forest and frees everyone from tyranny. Flight Of The Navigator: shows an out of time boy trying to find his way home after running away from his out of sync life. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Mr. Toad is accused of a crime he didn’t do and ultimately gets redeemed. Ichabod is a threat to another man’s love so he is “spirited away” by a phantom and loses the girl he loved to his rival.

        There’s your connection to the live action movies and Pixar movies, the machines rule us and we should fear our robotic masters.


      • Anonymous says:

        It could be that when animals are representing human beeings like Robin Hood or when they’re talking with humans (the Jungle Book or Tarzan for exemple), it means that it’s a movie made in the “real world” of the Disneyverse in order to explain history (“real events”) to the other characters, the same way the books in Rapunzel could be biographies of other “real” characters.
        So Tarzan would actually be a movie made to explain his life before he and Jane or their descendants started themselves to make movies (if we follow your own theory).
        However it doesn’t mean that animals aren’t able to understand each other (101 Dalmatians and The Lion King,… could be in the “real world” ).
        The monsters wouldn’t be counted as animals (like Stitch) and could talk to humans which allows them to be in the “real world”.
        If I remember correctly one of two princesses seem to be able to understand animals which are even responding (Snow White and Aurora I think) even though we don’t hear them and in this case it could be “real” and the princesses have simply a special hability.

        It would explain why in some movies animals can speak and in other not.

        This whole theory would also make possible a connection with the Pixar theory (Monster Inc. with talking monsters, Brave’s mother that can’t speak once transformed into a bear, insects in A Bug’s Life and so on).


  10. rayg says:

    Dumbo as a toy makes more sense to be based on the actual dumbo. if I saw a flying elephant I would want a souvenir… I am a world famous elephant resulted in merchandice… the toy was based on dumbo, not the other way around.

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  11. Tim says:

    Is it possible that it is a world such as the one in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? These are all people playing in movies and sometimes they are the star and sometimes they are an extra. Sometimes the movies are about real events in their world and sometimes they are fantasy.

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  12. girgir81 says:

    OMG! what a great, funny & entertaining article! Loved it.
    And I thought the Matrix was complicated!
    I especially loved the captions under the pictures. Hilarious!
    I am so going back and watching all these movies again to try and make sense of this whole thing. That should keep me busy for a while!

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  13. Warrin says:

    I only have one question. How can Aladdin be after beauty and the beast if Belle is talking about him in her favorite book at the beginning of the movie? If she truly is talking about Aladdin then that would make his story before hers. And therefore make his world earlier then hers.


    • Tiffany Fahy says:

      I always interpreted that scene as being somewhat prophetic of what would happen a bit later on in Beauty and the Beast. “Daring sword fights, a prince in disguise…Here’s where she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him ’til chapter 3!” Hmm..although, Belle doesn’t discover the Beast’s true identity until the end of the movie, so my theory could be off there…

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      • Araini says:

        You can’t be so sure that it’s wrong though. What if it’s only a three-chapter book? That would make your idea completely possible


      • oliviaford513 says:

        Ok, what about when Belle entered the west wing by mistake? She found a old picture that was clawed of the prince/beast before the spell by that witch
        The witch may be from snow white on her elderly form as if you look at that stained glass at the beginning of beauty and the beast it does look like her..
        Also, talking about that witch. The witch offered snow white a apple which was cursed by a spell. The witch offered the beast a rose which was also cursed by a spell on the last time she offered it.



  14. Jamie says:

    Lady and the Tramp takes place in the early 1900s and 101 Dalmatians takes place in the 1950s-60s, so there’s no way the same dogs could be the in Oliver and Company in the 1980s, unless they somehow have been granted long life or are immortal.


  15. You say that many of the Disney characters are probably fictionalized in the Disneyverse. But, perhaps, they are not.

    Beginning with Mulan.
    Maybe she wasn’t just a movie. Maybe her story truly took place in the Disneyverse, and was so popular that they eventually created a film about. Much like we do with many famous historical figures (J. Edgar Hoover, Queen Elizabeth, etc.). Possibly, she really did have a dog. So when one of Jane’s siblings/grandchildren/etc. entered the film industry, s/he based the appearance of Mulan’s dog off of the father’s beloved mascot.

    As for the lamp, it was in Agrabah. From there it was traded to/found by explorers (probably French ones) where they imported it to France. After some time, some French owner took it to New Orleans. This all (or some) could have also have happened to the flying carpet.
    For the singing/dancing tea-set, it was, some way or another, taken to England, where Jane’s father somehow got it and took with him on his adventurings.

    Now for Dumbo.
    He was probably apart of a very famous circus or show. Much how “The Greatest Show on Earth” merchandise appears everywhere, as does anything to do with Shamu from Sea World, Dumbo was also very famous, thus many souvenirs were made of him. He eventually inspired a movie about his beginnings in show-biz.

    Pinochio would be able to appear many times, as he is originally, a toy. With the right maintenance, he could last a looong time.

    The princess stories are either biographies or autobiographies.

    For Timone, Pumbaa, and Bambi’s mother…
    They were captured by the aliens who created Stitch for testing/research. From there, they were either released or escaped (like Stitch did). So either they were genetically changed to have a very long life, act like Pheonix and go through rebirth when they get old (hence Pumbaa’s old age), were taken up again, and/or were tracked down and captured (like Stitch). Hence their appearances through time.

    And I doubt the wreckage from “The Little Mermaid” is Elsa/Anna’s parent’s ship. Because Ursula claims to be “Queen of the Caspian Sea” (or something to that effect). That would place them pretty far away.

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  16. Jordan says:

    Just out of curiosity, is it at all possible that the girl in Oliver and Company, who is pictured in the blue and white dress and said to be Cinderella/Aurora, is actually Alice from Alice in Wonderland? Or does that not make any sense at all?


  17. Fun but not sure I buy in says:

    Wow. Very interesting theories. I have noticed some of these links in movies but never thought it more than a coincidence and Disney being cute by sneaking in cameos from other movies.

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    • Interesting and believable until says:

      Agreed. The Pixar theory seems more believable! I don’t know why this person thinks that Disney movies can be Disney movies inside of Disney movies though


      • Jordan says:

        I think he means (saying Mulan is a fictional movie in the disneyverse) that maybe Mulan wasn’t created by Disney in the Disneyverse if that makes sense. like, Disney, as in the movie company Disney, doesn’t exist. it’s only Disney, our universe. so I think he means that Mulan was simply a fictional movie created in the Disneyverse with no set company making the movie. I’m not sure is that’s going to make sense to you at all, but I hope it does (: I’m not completely sure how to word what I’m thinking haha!

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  18. Wow, i never noticed, interasting theories. Good job, dude

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  19. Interesting and believable until says:

    Ok I was getting it but why would you even consider thinking Mulan is a movie in the Disney universe!?!? Are you crazy!? Maybe Lilo had a poster because they made a poster of Mulan since she is a role model! Why would there be movies of Disney movies IN DISNEY MOVIES!? You had me until you were stupid to believe that idiotic theory.


  20. Lynxys says:

    So if the alien theory is true, will this all end in their laboratory? Or wil lthey just keep doing this forever?

    Not that I’m saying the theory isn’t good. I’m just curious.

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  21. starkman9000 says:

    Couldn’t Mulan be a historical documentary. That would be a sweet documentary.


  22. starkman9000 says:

    Oh, and of course there is the fact that “Meet the Robinsons,” if it’s not a movie, causes multiple timelines in the future. Maybe a lot of Wall-e’s trash is the remains of the now destroyed Doris-bots in the alternate timeline, meaning in the fixed timeline, Wall-e never exists.


  23. Rachael says:

    in frozen, a strip of Anna’s hair was turned white when she was cured by the trolls (or it might have been when she was hit by Elsa’s magic, I’m not sure) and then in Brave, Eleanor has a strip of white hair in a similar place, was wondering if you had any theories as so whether there’s a connection


    • Kaley says:

      This is interesting, but when Elsa’s “love for her sister” cured Anna, her hair went all the way back to it’s original color. And I think when people get old, they just get weird streaks of gray hair… but good investigating, none the less!


  24. Jessa says:

    When Ariel is examining the ship of Anna/ Elsa’s parents she finds a painting of Mary Madeline as the reticent virgin. There has always been speculation as to Disney’s interest in the metaphysical/ secret society. Does this ever factor into your theories?


  25. Jessa says:

    when Arial find the boat presumably of Elsa and Anna’s parents there is a painting of the reticent Virgin, Mary Magdalene. As Disney is often thought to be interested in metaphysical and secret society issues; does that ever factor in these theories of yours

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  26. Nikhil Rajkumar says:

    Can you make a timeline of this? It would be easier to follow and understand, and show to other people. Thanks! Great article.


  27. Andy says:

    I think the reason their would be dumbo toys is that he got pretty popular in his circus so people made toys and stuffed animals about him I think that makes sense IDK


  28. Johanna says:

    Brother Bear? Monsters inc? Cars/ planes? A bugs life? Finding Nemo?


    • Ricky says:

      Those are all Pixar, not Disney. Well, I’m not sure about Brother Bear, that might be Disney.


      • Grant says:

        Both Brother Bear and Planes are Disney films. Brother Bear was made made by Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Planes was made by Disney Toon Studios.


  29. Brian Herring says:

    The forest, with its evil faces, Snow White runs through could be the same forest as seen in The Black Cauldron and Tinker Bell is in the Black Cauldron. This would bring Snow White into a tighter cohesion with the Disneyverse.

    The forest could also be the haunted forest in Oz the Great and Powerful, perhaps long before the yellow brick road was built. Dwarf could be ancestors of Munchkins or Munchkins who left Munchkinland. Over time the Dwarf/ Munchkins could switch from diamond mining to emerald mining and the Emerald City is built. And remember, both Dwarfs and Munchkins like to sing as they work.
    Maleficent and the Evil Queen Grimhilde could be related to the Wicket Witches of the East & West.
    The Blue Fairy, who seems to grant wishes, could be related to Glinda the Good Witch of the South, who at times does the same. Both have a fondness for magic wands and a similar appearance/ mode of travel.
    This would tie Oz the Great and Powerful into the Disneyverse.


  30. Brian Herring says:

    OH WOW! And how can I forget the scene in Oz the Great and Powerful when Evanora offers Theodora an enchanted apple and she becomes the Wicked Witch of the West. The scene is very reminiscent of the scene in Snow White, where the Evil Queen offers Snow White an enchanted apple. When Evanora becomes the Wicket Witch of the East, she looks very much like the Evil Queen Grimhilde’s old hag disguise. Also, Slave in the Magic Mirror, from Snow White, is very similar to the disembodied head of Oz the Great and Powerful.


  31. La La says:

    I love your theories! Very good attention to detail. I never would’ve put any of these movies together like you did. I always thought it was just the disney animators being cute leaving easter eggs but maybe there’s something more to it. I had a lot of fun reading your theory and other people’s theories as well. Great site. I hope maybe someday I can help contribute. I love the idea of tying in the animated universe w the live action Disney universe.


  32. beth says:

    Kingdom Hearts would link everything together. One big universe and obviously some movies would occur within the same world effectively tying things like Tarzan, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast and Frozen and Wreck-it-Ralph together. It brings every Disney movie together and they are many ties. They are all under the same sky. There are always little hints in a movie showing what the universe was like before the KeyBlade War and the darkness and Sora being able to travel between worlds explains appearances of characters that seem to have no links. In Wreck-it-Ralph Vanellope cannot leave her game until the imbalance between good and evil has been fixed. Could this not be the same with Disney characters like Genie in their Disney worlds/Storylines. You would also then be able to link Disney Pixar films as well.


  33. kelsey Rude says:

    I am going to watch every Disney movie over a period of 365 days to see how they are all connected


  34. Dia says:

    About those dolls and posters, and even the books of other stories appearing in other movies, those may be clues to straighten your timeline. And who says there isn’t some “observers” like the Grimm brothers, or Hans Cristian Andressen, who would meet those people and write their stories? The Disneyverse is a magical world, not a digital world. I realy don’t like it when people mix them up, or try to say that magic was computer stuff all along, like The Wreck It Ralph Theory. No! Since you’re accepting time travel, you must accept inter-dimension travel, and those characters on Ralph were there like Pan was on Neverland. So, in our world, we have stories written about our kings and queens. Not magical, yes, but they still put them on paper. Why wouldn’t someone pass Cinderella’s story to paper, for example? And the little mouses did so actualy. So you can’t realy say, that in the Disneyverse, there are the madeup stories, and the “real world” who watches them. You should esxplore the magical possibilitoes better.


  35. Real-Al-Ity says:

    I hope you people have quite finished…reusing ‘characters’ to ‘fill space’ is a lot more cost effective than either recreating or developing completely new images and if nothing else is a great homage to the illustrators of the past which are the true unsung heroes of the ‘Disneyverse’.


    • Disney_Girl_2001 says:

      We all know that that’s what the official story is, and honestly I’m sure most of us realize that every Disney movie is made up anyway, so why would it matter whether or not we think up made-up realities? It doesn’t hurt anyone, it helps us use our imaginations, and it can keep us out of our parent’s way for a few hours. I don’t understand why people like you have to be so cynical about this stuff. I mean, no offence, but why ruin other people’s fun because you don’t understand their reasoning for liking the stuff that they do?


  36. DanishDisneyFan says:

    I have been Reading your theories and I like them a lot. But I might have a fact that possibly will change your view of the little mermaid theory. As you allready Was written the little mermaid is written by a Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, and there is a statue of the little mermaid i Copenhagen. But you allso says that it couldn’t have happent in Denmark because of the jamaican inspired Music. But if you look closer it’s only sebastians songs that Way. (And he has a jamaican inspired accent) so Way is that??
    Denmark had colonies in the caribbean from 1954 till 1917 (the Danish West indies nok called the Virgin Islands). Denmark received sugar canes and other thing from there and things…

    So maybe Sebastian sneeked onboard one of those ships, ended ud in Denmark and became head of the atlantica Royal orcestera… (Or what his titel is in the movie)

    The Danish disney fan


  37. This is one of the best articles I’ve read, I’d love to believe that all my favourite films were linked and that the company spend vast amounts of time tying in their stories to the master plan. Brilliant.


  38. Elena says:

    Your sons who long for freedom daughters who dream of freedom parents who die horribly and evil relatives seeking to control them sounds a lot like A Series Of Unfortunate Events


  39. Beauty and the beast says:

    I believe that Jane is a decedent of Belle (beauty and the beast). Due to the fact that Jane and Belle look quite similar- Brown hair, same colour dress etc. That point alone isn’t sustainable enough though, also it is due to the fact that Belle might have passed down the tea set (assuming the fact that after the objects turned into humans, the objects were the same, just without a human possessing it). The last piece of evidence that supports the cause of Jane being a relative to Belle, is the fact that they are both interested in humans, that are like animals. However this would mean that Tarzan would be set 100, or something, years after beauty and the beast.


  40. melval says:

    What about Atlantis? in that movie normal humans were able to connect with a whole ancient culture sharing the same physical world.


  41. Lilo and Stitch says:

    In reality I really think that these were all just easter eggs, but I love the idea of trying to link them all together and this has changed how I will look at Disney movies, even if I’m just pretending that it all makes sense!


  42. Audrey Drenes says:

    Maybe Walt Disney is also a character in the movies. I don’t know if this makes sense but maybe Walt is like a magician and he’s behind everything, not time travel. He could be a wizard constructing things. He may even visit some characters before the magic started and tell them what had to be done. I don’t know though…


    • Audrey Drenes says:

      Also, for Mrs. Potts and Chip. Maybe the spell could’ve been broken, and there was still a tea pot and cup, but they were not trapped in it anymore. This could also be used for other stuff as well.


    • Audrey Drenes says:

      Maybe Walt transformed himself into a specific character in the each movie! Yes I’m not saying the REAL Walt but I mean it could’ve been his idea to make himself like a “god” figure.


    • Audrey Drenes says:

      Maybe the genie is actually Walt. Perhaps an evil character imprisoned him as a genie. Or once again, he just could’ve been there to instruct things!


  43. Audrey Drenes says:

    Another thought I had is that maybe they are all going on at the same time! Maybe in the Disneyverse, different parts of the world are not as developed and very different. Actually, sort of like the world is today. Other parts of the world don’t have as much technology and/ or have have magic.


  44. Audrey Drenes says:

    I keep having different ideas! Maybe the stories from before have just been passed down from generation to generation and everyone knows about them!


  45. Adam says:

    The only floor I see in all of this is Tinkerbell being in the ‘The Black Cauldron’ as in the Disney Fairy movies Tinkerbell is created from the first laugh of a Victorian Baby which makes it slightly impossible for her to be in Medieval Times as Fairies posses no time traveling powers.

    I also wonder if there is an link between Peter Pan and the Princess and the Frog because when Ray dies toward the end of the film and the join Angaleen in the sky it bare a very strong resemblance to the Two Stars in Peter Pan in which Peter and the Darling Children pass through to get to Neverland.
    Just a thought maybe someone could do some more digging I know I will be


  46. Disney_Girl_2001 says:

    Okay so I enjoyed the theory, but I want to say a couple things.

    One, I think that you could stand to try and make the article a bit easier to understand.

    Two, I enjoy the theory, but I think that it’s a bit much. I mean, 30 movies? I just got done reading and I can barely remember everything I just read.

    Three, I want to say that this theory could be a very good start to something. I would just try to break it up a bit more; each of these parts could be broken into two or three parts of their own to make separate theories that make more sense.

    Anyway, as I said, I enjoyed the theory and hope to read again soon,


  47. disney_lover says:

    I am a great fan of Disney. When i camr across you and your articles, it was endless fun and reading for me. I love disney theories. Keep up the good work. I would love to see what else you write about. Thanks


  48. Fan_Of_Disney says:

    In the last photo of the article, one of the “experiments” looks a bit like one of the “will o’ the wisps” from Brave! (which just confuses everything! :D)

    Picture here:


  49. Abby says:

    I think that the Disney princess standing on the curb in Oliver and Company is Alice in Wonderland.


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