The Disneyverse Has Its Own Walt Disney

One of the most contentious ideas I suggested in The Disney Theory was that there are some Disney films that also exist as fictional films within the Disneyverse.

Obviously this concept requires some brain-bending to make any sense, but the evidence supporting it seemed compelling enough for its own article.

While writing The Jane Theory the pieces really began to fall in to place. Here I discovered that the Disneyverse has its own Walt Disney, and that man is in fact:

Professor Archimedes Q. Porter


Let’s start from the beginning.

There are two fictional films we know for a fact exist in the Disneyverse.

The first is (appropriately) Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which was of course also The Walt Disney Company’s first feature film.

We know this because of Oliver & Company, where a loud-mouth chihuahua named Tito happens to sing ‘Heigh Ho’ to himself.

Obviously there is no good reason for a chihuahua living in 20th Century New York to know a fairy-tale dwarven work song, so Tito must know the song for the same reason we do…

Because he saw it in a movie.


This is the same reason Lilo’s sister Nani in Lilo & Stitch has a poster of Mulan on the wall – the same poster which was used to advertise the movie in our world.

19 Lilo ft Mulan

So far so simple.

There is also the possibility that we can include Dumbo in our list of the Disneyverse’s fictional films, but this has been met with some dispute. 

So what’s the issue?

The Dumbo Question

Dumbo appears as one of Lilo’s cuddly toys in Lilo & Stitch.

18 Lilo ft Dumbo

The obvious assumption is that this is also movie merchandise, since we already know from her sister’s poster that this is a family that likes animated movies.

The fly in the ointment is that Dumbo also appears as an ornament in Basil the Great Mouse Detective, which is set before the dawn of cinema.

17.3 Basil ft Dumbo

As many pointed out in response to The Disney Theory, word of a travelling circus’ flying elephant would probably spread far and wide. Those visiting the attraction would probably want a souvenir from their visit, which means the British household in Basil could have recently returned from a trip abroad to see this American wonder.

It’s definitely a convincing idea, as Stitch’s reputation too stretches far enough for him to appear as a toy in the early flashbacks of Treasure Planet, and Stitch’s influence on the Disneyverse is great enough that there is no way he can be fictional.

20 Treasure ft Lilo

But what if Stitch and Dumbo have this in common? What if they were both real events in the Disneyverse that later became fictionalised and retold by a fledgling film-maker?

What if Professor Porter started the House of Mouse?

ProjectorWe see in Tarzan that Professor Porter owns a lot of the equipment of early cinema. He is also wealthy enough to lead an expedition and eccentric enough to be fascinated by gorillas, wild-men, and basically anything else he comes across.

He also owns a trinket, seen briefly in Tarzan, that opens up a world of possibilities for our understanding of the Disneyverse’s Disney.

21 Tarzan ft MulanLike Tito singing ‘Heigh Ho’, there is no good reason for Professor Porter to own a toy of Mulan’s dog, when we already know Mulan is a fictional film in this world.

The only conclusion can be that this trinket pre-dates the dog in the movie. That the movie Mulan was made by somebody who knew the Professor and wanted to dedicate a part of it to him.

Maybe someone like his daughter?


Like her father, Jane is adventurous, inquisitive and creative. She would be a woman of means as her father’s sole inheritor, and as we learn in Tarzan…

She likes to draw.

tarzan-jane-jungleWhich means Jane could be the first Disney animator.

It’s likely that with a wild husband like Tarzan her family might struggle when returning to the high-society of London. So it makes sense with the new prospects across the Atlantic opening up that they might travel to America to start a new life.

It is here that Professor Porter would turn his hand to movie-making with the help of his artistic daughter. Later Jane would take over the studio, and dedicate Mulan to him.

Final thoughts.

This is all crazy enough without adding to it – so I will.

Because Professor Porter’s name suggests one final Disney connection. Another Disney movie I did not previously consider to be fictional, which could actually contain more references to him by his daughter’s film studio.

A film with an eccentric, inquisitive wizard, who shares more than a passing resemblance to Professor Porter, and whose pet owl shares his name.

Because really, how common is the name ‘Archimedes’?

Sword in Stone Merlin and Archimedes

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41 Responses to The Disneyverse Has Its Own Walt Disney

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  2. Bianca says:

    Ok so in Frozen, there is the same chocolate that there was in Wreck it Wralph so how does that connect to the Disney theory and the Pixar theory


  3. zpjonnie says:

    then but if tangled In Disney move frozen Too ya how dose wreck it Ralph Be connected to Frozen


  4. Dante says:

    You should make we’re they all meet each other Tarzan with frozen


  5. Kaley says:

    In Frozen, there is a Mickey Mouse Figurine hidden in Oaken’s Trading Post. Just look up “Mickey Mouse in Frozen” and you’ll find an image of it. But the thing is, Frozen is based on a time b4 cinema magic, so this confuses me… unless there is no connection at all, and the film makers just wanted to put a fun “easter egg” in Frozen for fans to find,


    • Annaliese says:

      Keep in mind that I’m sure that the producers of these movies probably weren’t considering making a Disneyverse, or making it more complex. Probably all of these references to the movies are “easter eggs.”


    • carissa says:

      hi ok there is a theory that the witch from Brave is boo from Monsters ink and travels through doors to find james P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski and in every movie she leaves a egg. For example, in Toys Story you can find a egg..I’m not saying its true but it can be


    • Julie says:

      Mickey Mouse is found in many other Disney movies too like Oliver & Company, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Wreck-It Ralph as well… it’s driving me crazy


  6. S says:

    Did you delete part 3 of the disney Theory? When I click on it, it says page not found


  7. everettvale says:

    The Sword and The Stone can’t be fictional because we see Madam Mim’s influence in the Princess and The Frog. I agree with all of this except the idea of Stitch being made into a movie that spans to Treasure Island. We don’t know the extent of alien influence or ability in this universe. Who knows how long the experiments live or if they can travel through time etc seeing as Pumbaa and Timon show up in Hawaii thousands of years later (as long as we connect Scar to the Nemean Lion in Hercules).


  8. Crpopp33 says:

    Ok so just thinking out loud what about Elsa and Jack Frost?? Like is there somehow they could be connected or no??


    • smilysport says:

      good point!!! i thought that too…does anyone know? because this means another theory connecting frozen and the rise of the guardians which don’t seem to be connected to anything other than the real world.


      • MagicGoldenFlower524 says:

        ROTG is not Disney. I’ve always been for Jelsa, but there is no way there is any real connection.


  9. Annaliese Babaya says:

    As crazy and cool all of these theories are, the last part of your theory where you say that The Sword in the Stone is one of Jane’s Movies, can be considered partially incorrect. The movie The Sword in the Stone was based of the first part of the novel The Once and Future King by T. H. White, where Merlin has a pet owl named Archimedes. Disney based the majority of the events in the film off of the book. Unless you want to connect real life to the Disneyverse (or say that T.H. White is somehow connected to Jane and Tarzan, who existed in real life, making the whole Disneyverse part of our universe), you might want to see if the movies are based off of novels.


    • Texadon says:

      Similar to JK Rowling, with descrimination against women, Jane chose a gender-neutral pen name(though random, lest someone would like to connect the names for me). Perhaps the studio decided it wouldn’t be best to make the movie, and Jane (maybe even a coworker at the studio or friend named TH White) published her screenplay as a book. With such great reception, the studio ended up making the movie, albeit edited from the original that White(possibly Jane) published. Solved. Personally, I think it is probably a friend of hers.


      • Texadon says:

        In addition, Paris and the French Revolution are in both universes. Why can’t some people?


      • Texadon says:

        Sorry-one more thing. White published The Sword in the Stone in 38, and the complete Once and Future King was published together in 58. (1900s) So perhaps a descendant of Jane’s or just the studio in general got the rights back from White, who happened upon the old screenplay, to make the movie. But even more. Now were co sidering White is the same man as real life, our White grew up in Bombay,or at least was born there, in British India. So he had experience with the comparison between ordinary and exotic right away. Perhaps he read about this old filmmaker Jane and was excited about her life, similar to hid. Being a fanatic, when he learnedly of a screenplay never made into a film, he scoured antiwlque shops for it, and when he found it, published it as a book.


  10. Annaliese says:

    The Sword in the Stone movie was based off a part of a book by T.H. White, where the owl’s name was Archimedes, so you cannot include this in the Disneyverse


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  12. Preston says:

    There’s also a chipped cup in the tea set


  13. Busta says:

    Dr porters machine looks like the one in Oz the mighty and powerfull at the beging before the tornado


  14. Elena says:

    That explains two things. First: Why there are teapots that look like Mrs. Pots and stuff because if it’s great looking stuff people will want it. Second: Why Rapunzel has books of three different princess movies.


  15. morio123 says:

    For the teapots the theory is that it was passed down by bell to Jane which would mean that Jane is somehow related to bell. Probably spelled bell wrong but oh well


  16. oreo cookie says:

    In the picture with Jane, Professer Porter, Tarzan, and the guy with the pipe in in his mouth, The guy with the pipe in his mouth looks like Tiana’s father, because her father did die way before he should have, so is it a possiblitiy that he was very old, older than usual.


  17. Audrey Drenes says:

    If the Duke of Weasel Town is Prince Adam’s grandson, then who is his father? And who is the professor’s father? I’m confused.


  18. Jessica says:

    Maybe these are movies but they are non fiction?


  19. Jeanette says:

    Has anyone ever noticed Mulan’s “Matchmaker” song the grandmother says/sings “an apple for serenity (represents Snow White), a pendant for balance (?), beads of jade for beauty (represents Cinderella; she wore when she wore her mother’s pink gown)…”


  20. Ella says:

    I think Disney should make one movie with all of the connecting movies tied together. They could just show the important events in each film and how each one connects to the next important event. For example: If the Frozen/Tarzan theory is real, then they could go more in depth with the ship wreck and show Elsa and Anna’s parents wash up on the island where they had Tarzan. Then maybe it could switch over to when Ariel finds the ship, and so on. Disney should seriously consider this!!


  21. Wa1t0r says:

    Or, maybe Disney employees come to this website to laugh at such far-fetched ideas. I believe that most of the sightings are simply Easter eggs that are over analyzed


  22. Dan says:

    Mulan is sketching Elsa take alook on her sketch pad… zoom it


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