Could Frozen’s King And Queen Also Be Tarzan’s Parents?

In my Frozen Theory article, I explored the connections fans have found to link FrozenTangled and The Little Mermaid.

Since that article was posted, the writers and directors of Frozen, Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck have taken to Reddit to clarify some of these rumours.

While Lee confirmed that Elsa’s parents were going to a wedding in Frozen (a detail the Frozen Theory hinged upon), Buck threw out some tantalising details about what became of Elsa’s parents.

Or rather, who they became…

What happened to Elsa’s parents?

Tarzan's Parents

Could these be Elsa’s parents?

When redditor Georgie_Kay asks where the King and Queen were going when they lost their lives, Buck corrects the question, saying:

‘They didn’t die on the boat. They got washed up on a shore in a jungle island. The queen gave birth to a baby boy. They build a treehouse. They get eaten by a leopard.’


A snippet from the Frozen AMA.

It doesn’t take a Disney obsessive to know what Buck’s hinting at.

The King and Queen became Tarzan’s parents.

Let’s look at the evidence:

Since Lee confirms that the King and Queen were going to a wedding, The Frozen Theory is at least in-part supported. The King and Queen could indeed have been travelling from Norway to attend Rapunzel’s wedding in Germany when their boat was struck off-course.

Granted, ‘off-course’ is a slight understatement here, but the idea does contradict The Frozen Theory in one illuminating way. If they indeed made their way out to the Atlantic Ocean it would mean that there is no way their wreckage could be found off the coast of Denmark where The Frozen Theory says Ariel finds it.

Storm Map

Credit goes to DeviantART user Miaokep for this helpful diagram.

More likely it would end up in the Caribbean, surrounded by French colonists, calypso music, and perhaps a Jamaican Red Crab or two.


Denmark – not known for its steel drum music.

So, according to The Tarzan Theory, The Little Mermaid isn’t set off the coast of Denmark (Hans Christian Anderson’s birthplace) but a Caribbean island on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

This would explain how the ship looked so time-worn in The Little Mermaid. It wasn’t because so much time had passed, it was because the ship had been on a much longer voyage than the theory suggested.

tarzan ship

No wonder the King and Queen’s boat looks so different in The Little Mermaid.

(A lightning storm off the coast of Africa? What if Tarzan’s parents were actually caught in the thunderstorm from the climax of The Lion King? To find out who caused that storm, go read The Lion King Theory.)

The long voyage would also explain how there was time for Tarzan to be born during that time. A King and Queen would undoubtedly take plenty of provisions, even on a short trip, but by the time we see them in Tarzan these provisions have run dry, meaning they could have been at sea for a very long time indeed.

So let’s look at the parents themselves.

Frozen Tarzan

‘Two worlds, one family’?

This is the hardest needle to thread. Even taking into account the passing of time and differing animation styles, it’s hard to believe these are the same people. While the King’s moustache-growth is understandable and his facial structure at least similar, his dramatic change in hair colour defies explanation (and the less said about his wife being a completely different person the better). They are also centuries apart in design. Tarzan’s parents look more like late 19th Century Irish immigrants than early 19th Century Norwegian royalty.

(And as Melissa Hall correctly points out in the comments: if Tarzan was born on the boat, when was the photo taken?)

In The Disney Theory I explored some of the Disney world’s crazy time-period differences, (such as the scene that links Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King in the same shot). But with no magical MacGuffin like Genie or Merlin in Tarzan it’s hard to see how the King and Queen slipped in to some dimension that transported them 200 years forward (unless Merlin had a hand in it while he was in the Bermuda triangle?).

As much as I want Elsa’s parents to have survived, there’s more evidence that Tarzan‘s Jane Porter is descended from one of Walt Disney’s classic Disney princesses than there is to connect Frozen and Tarzan.

So why would Chris Buck say Frozen‘s King and Queen end up in Tarzan?

Chris Buck

Coming soon: The Surf’s Up/Up Theory! (Probably not.)

Because he directed both of them.

Presumably Buck enjoys playing games with Disney fans to get them to revisit his back catalogue. Or perhaps he just wanted to troll the excitable conspiracy theorists who like to find logic in every serendipitous connection. I certainly fell for it.

But what do you all think? Is there any way to make the time difference in The Tarzan Theory work? Can we keep this theory alive?

And why exactly does Jane’s father look so much like the Duke of Weasel Town? (‘Weselton!’)


All credit goes to Kate O’Gara in the comments for noticing this one.

Actually, that last question is answered in:

Tarzan’s Jane is descended from
Beauty And The Beast’s Belle

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122 Responses to Could Frozen’s King And Queen Also Be Tarzan’s Parents?

  1. Kate O'Gara says:

    Anybody else notice the similarities between Frozen’s Mayor of ‘Weezle Town’ and Jane’s dad in Tarzan?

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    • Joshubuh says:


      Amazing spot though. This is going into the article immediately.


      • charlotte evans says:

        Also they look like like slimmer versions of belle’s farther!!!


      • Kirsten says:

        I notice how you linked the Duke to Tarzan…very nice. I still think that lovely theory about the king and queen from Frozen being Tarzan’s Parents needs to work….is it really so hard to believe that two people who gave birth to a sorceress don’t also have magic in their veins? Could the King and Queen also possess powers that allow them to live for many generations after their shipwreck, even disguising themselves slightly? I don’t know why they would do so, but I just wanted to throw that idea out there…


    • There could have been two boats. One holding the siblings of one of Elsa’s parents (most likely her dad) and the other, Elsa’s parents. Ariel might be Tarzan’s sister and not Elsa’s since the siblings have strong connections with other animals. Maybe Jane’s dad was in the boat with Tarzan’s parents but was the only survivor that later visited the land near the wreckage and found the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ dishes he had lost from before.


  2. Larry Green says:

    One small problem. Unless she gave birth on the boat, it doesn’t jibe with the plot to Disney’s 1999 Tarzan movie.:


  3. Laura says:

    I hope I’m not the first to notice this, but when Elsa and Anna’s parents’ boat goes down, there is clearly no fire! It’s in the middle of a storm with huge crashing waves, while in Tarzan they are shipwrecked because their boat catches on fire. That doesn’t line up….


    • Joshubuh says:

      That’s the first storm on the map which sends them off course (though in Frozen it does look pretty final).

      The boat sets on fire in the second storm at the start of Tarzan (this when we see the boat sink).


      • HarrsCanter says:

        Either the parents have access to future technology or the storm takes them through time, there is no way they are related. Remember that Tarzan’s parents fought off the leapord with a double barreled shotgun and the Duke of Weasel Town’s men tried to kill Elsa with crossbows. How did Tarzan’s parents make that technology jump? All that I am saying is that they could not be related if you really see the details.


      • Stuart Petty says:

        This theory is impossible. The time period of Frozen and Tarzan are at least 100 years apart! Just look at the technology, the clothing.


    • spendabuck says:

      (This is actually for HarrsCanter, but it won’t let me reply to him/her ;) )

      I was actually wondering the same thing, but for a different reason. You see, I was looking around on Google Images, & I have seen a lot of cameos of Tiana from the Princess & the Frog. So, it’s simple then; The Princess & the Frog takes place at the same time as Frozen, & Tiana & Naveen simply went to Elsa’s coronation. However, there’s one problem; during one scene in The Princess & the Frog, when Tiana & Naveen are in frog-form, they are chased by three frog hunters. How is this a problem? Their weapons; from what I remember (it’s been a few years since I’ve seen TP&F), they were using rifles, & obviously, in Frozen they were using crossbows to try to kill Elsa. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I were ordered to kill an evil sorceress, I would bring a rifle or shotgun. So why didn’t they? Perhaps they couldn’t.

      I am currently reading the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, & in the third book, City of Glass, it states that the city of Idris doesn’t have access to modern technology (it takes place in the present day) due to there being wards against demons; rune magic prevents gunpowder from igniting, electricity from running, etc. So what does this mean for Disney? Well, perhaps the same thing applies to Disney magic; perhaps magical beings such as Mama Odie, Genie, Merlin, or Elsa can prevent the ignition of gunpowder, the running of electricity, etc., due to the fact that they’re magical. Thus, the Duke’s men, knowing that they couldn’t kill Elsa with a gun, brought crossbows instead.

      But that’s just my two cents ;)


  4. Patch Oh whoo says:

    the beast is cursed and elsa is born with her magic. could being cursed mean for generations too come making jane and her father the magic point of tarzan movies?

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  5. purple flag 123 says:

    what if they made a movie where Elsa and Ana meet their so said “brother” Tarzan? that would be so cool

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  6. Melissa Hall says:

    I don’t understand their family photo then. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been taken on the boat. So therefore the baby tarzan would have been born before they left and that doesn’t make sense that they would have only a family photo with them and the baby if they are also Elsa and Ana’s parents?


    • Tarzan4life says:

      what if tarzans parents stopped by somewhere to take that photo after he was birthed on the boat????


    • theory king says:

      Well Elsa and Ana’s parents could have just found out that the Queen was pregnant after they were on board the ship. Frozen was apparently set in the mid to late-1800s as said by the author of this article. The first rudimentary camera was invented in the early 1800s, allowing for the idea that the queen and king, had access to one on their ship. Thus allowing for the proof of this theory.


  7. Brittany Dunham says:

    Does that mean Ana is Anastasia? Or related?


    • Olivia says:

      Frozen took place in Norway around the mid to late 19th century. Anastasia was a daughter of the last Russian tzar which was around the early 1900’s. Historically, Ana couldn’t possibly be or be related to Anastasia.


    • Jordan says:

      The animated Anastasia movie (to which I assume you are referring) was produced by Fox Animation Studios, a rival company to Disney. Therefore I highly doubt (in fact I’m actually quite certain) that there is any connection between these two characters or movies.

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  8. Olivia says:

    To disprove the ‘Tarzan parents are Elsa and Ana’s parents’ theory, just look at the technology in Tarzan. In Tarzan it’s clearly seen during the camp song that Turk uses a typewriter. Typewriters were invented in America in 1868, so during the mid to late 19th century. Considering that typewriters had been around for awhile longer and were more accessible by people, Tarzan would have to take place during the late 19th or early 20th century. The Snow Queen, the story Frozen was based off of, was written and published in the mid 19th century. So taking into consideration the time period, Frozen would have to take place in the mid to late 19th century. So there is a possibility that the two stories could have happened around the same time. Also note that when Ana’s parents left Arrendale, Ana and Elsa were well into their teens. If Tarzan and Frozen were both during similar time periods, then it wouldn’t make sense for Elsa and Ana’s parents to be Tarzan’s parents if Tarzan was a grown adult at the time that Elsa and Ana’s parents left Arrendale.


    • Jacob Warren says:

      Well, their kingdom was in isolation. So it explains their lack of keeping up with the time.


    • jeremy says:

      so what your saying is elsa and ana were born mid 1800’s so lets say 1850, they then grow up and the story happens around 20 years later, but the parents left a few years prior to this so lets say 1868, tarzan is then born and is assumably less than 30 years old based on the lifespan of gorrilas being 35-40 and kala is already a fully grown adult when tarzan is a baby so tarzan is probably around 20 at the time of the film. so tarzan would therefore be based around 1888 which fits in perfectly with when the typewriter is popularised.
      i realize of course that we cannot know any of these figures for certain but we can know that it could fit in.


      • Ruben Mendez says:

        I think yall should just make a movie involving frozen and tarzan. Lets say elsa hear rumours that her parents didnt die, and tarzan, she goes find tarzan to africa. due to the fact she has that frozen power, that could be the issue with tarzan since the animals in africa wouldnt handle cold weather, they would be in jeopardy.


  9. Billy says:

    Even just looking at the course they took, why would they travel so far south, then turn back up north?

    And who was getting married at the Caribbean?


    • Kaley says:

      If you believe the theory that The Little Mermaid and Frozen are connected, maybe you could believe that they were going to Ariel’s wedding… I mean, if you look closely, you’ll see that characters from Cinderella went to Eric’s first “wedding”.
      I know that some people believe that TLM takes place in Europe, but how would Sebastion be there? The movie plays SO MUCH Caribbean music, and I doubt Sebastion found his way from the Caribbean to Europe, sooooooo….


  10. andrei says:

    does that mean that elsa and anna are cousin is rapunzel


  11. kiki says:

    I think there is strong possibility that Ana and Elsa have the same parents as Tarzan. They were going to cousin Rapunzel’s wedding, their boat was caught in a bad storm but survived, they got off course, later they sail and their boat catches fire, this is the boat Ariel see’s. If you look at the map, the coast of Africa isn’t too far from where Ariel supposedly saw the second shipwreck, it makes since as to how they could have ended up there. And all that time definitely explains the time difference between Frozen and the beginning of when Tarzan’s a baby. Frozen being set in the Mid to late 1800s and adult Tarzan being set in the early 19th century. That’s like 20+ years.


    • Billy says:

      I’m not convinced, simply because getting that far off course is very very unlikely.


      • mia says:

        Actually back then it was easy for people to go off course especially if the captain and crew were idiots who didn’t know how to tell the direction and also a lot of other things could go wrong on a ship.


    • Billy says:

      Nobody goes that far off course, no matter how stupid they are.


    • Sarah says:

      But the women that kidnapped rapunzel is the sister to the king of arendelle witch would mean that rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa aren’t really cousins there step-cousins!!


      • Amy Tolonen says:

        Mother Gothel is in no way related to the King of Arendalle. The king of Arendalle and the queen of Corona are related. They are brother and sister. I believe that mother gothel is the queen in Snow White. They look the same as old hags and they have the same facial qualities. They are both obsessed with beauty and vanity. In the intro to Tangled, it ways centuries passed to have Corona built. Centuries passed since Mother Gothel first found the flower. Meaning she could easily be the queen from Snow white, which was supposedly set in the 1400’s.


    • kari says:

      The boat that catches fire in TLM is Erics ship which Ariel saves him from drowning. The shipwreck that they are refering to as Anna and Elsas parents is the ship she is exploring in the beginning where she encounters the shark, so they were not going to Ariels wedding. I always thought TLM took place near Spain or the Mediterranean based on architecture, so calypso type misicmay have been introduced… and itsclose enough to Denmark.


  12. Riya says:

    Look at the clothes the king and queen are wearing, and then look at the clothes they are wearing as Tarzan’s parents. Wouldn’t they be wearing more royal clothes in Tarzan? And they changed hair color. But it makes sense. Ana and Elsa leave Arendelle for Rapunzel’s wedding, their boat gets caught in the storm and they survive, Ariel sees their boat, they give birth to Tarzan, they are killed by a wildcat. But then who is the prince Ariel sees? Tarzan? Then they have too give birth to him on the boat. And Ariel and Tarzan wouldn’t get married, because Tarzan, the king, and the queen wash up to the shore. And that would mean Tarzan isn’t the prince Ariel sees. So that’s how we know it’s not their boat that Ariel sees. Maybe their were two boats going there, and the other boat is the one Ariel sees the prince.


    • Knut says:

      Wouldn’t that mean if the queen and king gave birth to Tarzan, on the ship, wouldn’t he have drowned if he was just a baby. But I am convinced


  13. Billy says:

    Also, the King and Queen said they were only going away for 2 weeks. There is absolutely no way the Queen could fall pregnant, give birth and have that picture painted in that time.


    • Kene says:

      Well, wouldn’t the storm cause them to be gone longer than 2 weeks?


      • Billy says:

        Yes, but they had planned to be gone for 2 weeks and the queen wasn’t pregnant in Frozen.

        Unless the “deed” never happened until they washed up on shore. But even then, that theory is really clutching at straws. It is almost impossible that they would have survived that accident,


    • Dia says:

      They intended to be gone for just two weeks. God know how much time they may have been lost. Back then getting off course was realy, realy easy and common. They may be Tarzan’s parents, it s very plausible. But the boat in TLM may not be theirs. It may be from some other movie Disney hasn’t made yet, who knows? TLM was made ages ago, and I bet they didn’t plan ALL the coincidences as they make the movie, I bet that most times they just pick up something from previous movies to cross with new ones. I must admit, that’s a genious way to give depht to their stories and make people more interested in them even after years of their release. Praises to them. /(+.+)/.


      • Jailean says:

        What if the Queen was pregnant before they left. Maybe her stomach was not big but she could of been pregnant. It is a possibility!


  14. brooklyn says:

    im speech less the queen was preagnet on a ship omg


  15. Josh says:

    Wouldnt it make more sense if it was Elsa, and Anna’s parents are also Mowglis parents? I mean that would explain the leopard and the tree house, and maybe Mowgli isn’t Indian, but only tan from all the sun he got from living in a forest, and being in the sun 24/7. I mean i know that Chris buck wasnt apart of the junglebook, but it still makes more since time wise.


  16. Tammy says:

    But if the king of queen were going to attend repunzel’s wedding then was that not repunzel and flynn i saw when the gates were opened? Or was arindale where they went on their honeymoon or something? I do understand that may have been accurate timewise, as I suppose elsa’s corination may have happened a few years after repunzel’s wedding and after her parents left. I’m just not entirely sure, but maybe a further explanation would help.


  17. sam says:

    so tarazan is the rightful heir to the arendelle throne


  18. Matt K says:

    This theory’s problems can be fixed if u take into consideration a few things

    First the hair color can be explained by simply looking at the times each movie came out….the concept art for Elsa and Anna’s parents weren’t even drawn up yet…however if u swap the hair colors for Tarzan’s parents you get a perfect match….

    Second the clothes Tarzan’s parents are waring can be explained by bringing up one factor not brought up before….pirates….if pirates were to broad a royals ship you’d think they would also want the expensive clothing that Elsa and Anna’s parents were waring when they left to go to Rapunzel’s wedding….now this could go either 1 or 2 ways either the pirates simply left having taken all the food and valuables they had left including their clothing Elsa and Anna’s mother would of put on the plan clothing that was left behind thus explaining why they looked like immigrants….another expansion to this theory is that when the pirates left the boat they were the ones that set the fire that we see at the start of Tarzan…either way this theory helps to explain the clothes issue

    Third are the time inconsistency’s as seen in Tarzan the statue of liberty so that scene clearly took place after the American revolution…now if we accept the fact that Elsa and Anna’s mother was pregnant when she got on the boat then it wouldn’t work because the theory tells us that they had been at sea for a very long time however if we think about it…during a deep and depressing moment aboard the ship having no idea where they were you’d think that Elsa and Anna’s mother and father would of found “comfort” in each other thus producing Tarzan…the photo could of been taken aboard the ship if they had someone to take the picture which they probably could of had…anyways going off the bases that Tarzan was conceived aboard the boat then the time structure works its self out….now how long they had been out at sea i cant say for sure…im sure a expect could tell you how long it would take a old fashioned boat to go from where they were to where the ship caught fire….putting that aside Tarzan was seen in 3 stages in his life as a baby a child and a adult during the baby phase its should be expected that the events that took place during Frozen would be over and we are left to speculate what happens after that….now during the child phase five or more years would of went by during that time a bunch of advancements could of taken place explaining the difference between she ship Tarzan’s parents came on and the ship Jane came on….and now we hit the adult phase where if we are left to speculate how old Tarzan is (Disney says early 20’s) then taking Elsa’s age of 21 during Frozen Plus that of the years her parents would of been out at sea….maybe 2 years…Elsa would be 43…so if Tarzan had ever left the jungle and went to Europe he would still be able to meet his long lost sisters…

    This brings up another issue…wouldn’t Tarzan be the rightful heir to the throne…well yes he would since back then royalty was based off the first male son…however in situations where there was no male sun the daughter would of taken the throne…now if Tarzan was to some how be convinced to visit Europe and meet his long lost sisters i highly doubt he would be interested in taking over….his home is the jungles of Africa not the royal courts,,,,so i don’t think that issue would ever be brought up and even if it was Tarzan would simply refuse

    So if we bring all of these factors together there is still a way in which this theory could still be true…sure u have to make some assumptions here and there like the hair colors being swapped and pirates being the reason for why Tarzan’s parents looked like immigrants and not royalty….creative thinking and problem solving is a very useful tool lol…i hope i helped answer more questions then i produced :)

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    • Kene says:

      The Statue of Liberty was given to us in 1886, which still makes it plausible to be in there, seeing that Tarzan was born around the time that the typewriter was invented. So, he could have been born between 1866-1868, and by the time he was being shown that, he was about 20 or 21.


    • Dia says:

      No need for pirates. Royal clothes in that heat? Or with all that salt from the sea, and lots of months in a rocking ship? Unconfortable. As much as they are royal, they would put more suitable clothes on, definately.


    • Em says:

      But how do you explain the double barrel gun they used to fight Sabor?


  19. Jaeden says:

    There are subtle differences that some commentors bring up, however they are much more than they seem. Frozen’s King and Queen have a dress style comparable to the early 1800’s to roughly the end of Congress of Europe era in 1848. Their soldiers uniforms also show a more Naploeonic look that phased out by the Revolutions of 1848.
    Meanwhile, Tarzans parents have a more robust look. The way the fathers moustache is shaped shows that they are from the Victoria Era, roughly 1865 onwards. Phototgraphy in itself was not invented until well after Frozens perceived timeline.
    I know you elaborated on the “time line difference,” but this was just my two cents.

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  20. Morgan Sanders says:

    But they have different names don’t they?


    • Morgan Sanders says:

      Elsa’s parents are called Adgar and Idun. Tarzan’s Parents are called John Clayton/Lord Greystoke and Lady Alice Greystoke.


      • Kene says:

        In the 1999 Disney movie, Tarzan’s parents names weren’t established. You’re taking their names from Edgar Rice Burroughs books, which the Disney movie had some contrasts to. So, they could very well be Adgar and Idun. You never know…


  21. Nicole Hamilton says:

    The king and queen from frozen can’t be the parents in Tarzan. For one, the ship in frozen sank…and the opening scene of Tarzan is the ship burning. Also, they have different hair colors…. the king has blond hair whereas tarzans father has brown hair (which is where he gets his hair color from)…. and the queen has dark brown hair while tarzans mother has reddish hair.


  22. mikki says:

    it may have been the same boat Elsa and Ana’s parents were on, but most like Tarzan’s parents were not them. It is to be noted that Tarzan’s father and the king look a bit similar, especially if you look at the facial structure. So it may be possible that the king and Tarzan’s father are(if not closely) related in some way shape or form. This may fill in this theory, if only to tweak it a bit.


  23. mikki says:

    William Cecil Clayton, the character in the book on whom the film’s Clayton is (loosely) based, is Tarzan’s cousin; Tarzan’s birth name is John Clayton, Earl of Greystoke.*
    found this on the wiki page on one of the links provided above. its quite an interesting detail

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  24. Martha says:

    About the ship wreckage not being able end up anywhere remotely close to the coast of Denmark, I have a theory that might make that theory possible. In the movie Tarzan it is seen that when Kala, Tarzan’s gorilla mom, is rescuing Tarzan from the leopard she uses the boat lift thing to escape. My theory is that that small boat was the only thing left from the wreckage of Ana and Elsa’a Parents’ ship and they used it to try to find their way back to land and they ended up washing up on the island where the movie Tarzan takes place.


  25. Taylor says:

    I think that when Elsa’s parents were on the boat with tarzans parents and tarzans father and Elsa’s father are brothers. I feel as if Elsa’s parents died on the boat and only tarzan and his parents survived. I also think that Elsa,Tarzan,and repunzal’s fathers were all brothers, so they were all going to repunzal’s wedding.


  26. meg says:

    “What I want to know is, if Tarzan’s parent’s ship went up in flames how do they have so much stuff in the tree house where Kala finds Tarzan? Even if the ship washed up to shore, there is no way anything would be left and that is a really large ship so I doubt it washed up. It most likely just sank.


  27. earl jayson says:

    if the ship of the king and queen of the frozen was washed up on a shore in jungle island, and tarzan saw a picture of him with his parents with a very formal dresses, is it really possible to have a very formal family picture of tarzan on an island? i think not,

    so im just saying that tarzan is really living in a mansion with parents before he was stranded in a jungle, nd that is because of his formal family picture that he saw in the middle of the jungle.

    i therefore conclude that his mother didnt gave birth to him in the jungle


  28. Aly Engle says:

    I’d like to add another possibility into all of this. I think that the king of Arrendale survived the shipwreck but the queen did not. His life boat washes ashore somewhere off the coast of Ireland/England. He spends a short time recovering and falls in love with another woman. He makes the arrangements to return back to Arrendale with his new pregnant wife, the ship gets lost and she gives birth on the ship. Later, he is in another shipwreck, where they wash up in a jungle with Tarzan. It makes sense for the differences in the mother. Also, haircolor can change due to trauma. so I wouldn’t worry much about his hair. And the photo could have been taken on the ship.


  29. Andrea Caballero says:

    Is it just me or Wendy’s mom from Peter Pan, Jane and Jane from Tarzan look alikeyyyyy


  30. Emma says:

    The parents r on their way to repunzels wedding while
    They wreck so that shows they r cousins that is why
    Repunzel came to correnation day and u can also see
    Repunzels parents in the auindence!!!!!!!!!!!😃😃


  31. John Wall says:

    i Have Seen Most Of these Replies … And i Have a Theory Myself.. They May Not Be The Best But What i Iv’e Heard is That Anna’s Mother And Father set out to go to Tangled’s Wedding.. People Wonder why Tangle’d was at The Gate Opening in Frozen Because That was after The Missing Of Anna’s Parents .. The Ship That Anna’s Parents were on Supposily Sunk That Same Ship is what Ariel Found At the bottom of the ocean But How when people say that ship could have been the one burning in the Opening of Tarzan I Know How .. Maybe Because The Ship Maybe sinked after the Ship Burned and that was what Ariel Found ..


  32. Juste Danger says:

    Yes this theory may also apply.But the geographical positions don’t match.Because north sea and africa are VERY far away..But it can also happen somewhere in between where Ariel sees it.But can it also be that Tarzan was born in between this period.It can be also noted that FROZEN took place in the mid age and Tarzan took place in early 19th century.These two times aren’t very far off.Again,if u guys notice closely(I don’t know,I think this way,so..),u can see similarities in both the mothers and fathers of Elsa,Ana and Tarzan.I know the dresses don’t match but can it be possible for the FROZEN king and queen to wear those robust clothes underneath the royal clothes.I mean kings and queens don’t only wear coats and stuff,right.You know they wear a lot of other stuff inside.And the difference in hair colour can only be the difference of animation performance,Tarzan(1999) and Frozen(2013).I mean animation has REALLY improved in 14 years,right??Well,this is my theory… :)


  33. Takke says:

    Honz look a little bit like Elsas dad


  34. Tc9211 says:

    Found a problem with the theory that Tarzan is connected to frozen tangled & the little Mermaid. I will give credit that the ships look similar but how can that be true if Tarzan’s parents & the king & queen from frozen look nothing alike? In Tarzan’s beginning scene it shows how the ship was on fire & sunk while still on fire, but in frozen not once does it show the ship on fire & it was swallowed up by the Sea it did not sink. So how could they say the movies are connected if there is no proof? All suggestions are welcomed…


  35. Dsharp says:

    Tarzan was born they were on way 2 give him away as they only wanted girls… haha


  36. This whole thing would make sense if they were in the right time periods


  37. simking5712 says:

    Taking into account on the grandfather/grandson relationship of Weselton’s Duke and the Professor, Tarzan’s parents wouldn’t have even been born yet. My theory is that Tarzan’s dad is actually the son of Anna and Kristoff and his mom is a descendent of Princess Merida (his dad took his maternal grandfather’s looks, his mom has her ancestor’s red hair). Assuming Anna is still alive when her son dies, it would make sense for him to be a lord before receiving her title.


  38. simking5712 says:

    Assuming the professor is the grandson of the Duke, then Lord and Lady Greystroke haven’t even been born yet. I think the Lord is Anna and Kristoff’s son who looks like his maternal grandfather, and the Lady is a descendent of Princess Merida (look at her red hair). Assuming Anna is still alive when her son dies, it would make sense for him to have a title such as Lord before receiving her title upon her death.


  39. Barbra says:

    If you follow the Rapunzel and Elizabeth both being magical blondes theory, that would explain how the King went FROM blonde to brown. When Rapunzel lost her powers her hair went brown. If the King had a power we were unaware of and he somehow used it to save their lives, he could have lost it after he used it.


  40. becky says:

    Maybe after their boat sank due to the storm another boat picked them up, she ended up giving birth on the boat, and then that boat caught on fire….just possible…


  41. Notice that while hand drawn characters remain hand drawn when they enter the live action world in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, hand drawn characters become live action when passing through a portal to the live action world in “Enchanted”? Perhaps characters only change between the two or between two different animation styles if the go through a portal, and perhaps they can also travel through time if they go through a portal (which is how Gisselle moved from somewhere in medieval Europe in a hand drawn universe to modern times in live action).

    Thus, maybe the storm swept Elsa’s parents and their through a portal during the storm that transported them 200 years back in time and changed them from CG characters to hand drawn ones. Although that still wouldn’t explain the differences in the characters appearances aside from the differing looks of the animation styles. Maybe someone or something used magic to disguise them? Maybe they actually left the kingdom because they were on the run from someone (someone who wasn’t after their children, perhaps, or someone who would’ve harmed their daughters if they hadn’t left) and so they contacted a magic user to have their appearances changed so they could hide out?


  42. Destiny says:

    My theory is the queen could have passed away on the boat because they were on sea for so long. The king then fell in love again and had another baby, Tarzan, with a servant on the boat. So, Tarzan could be a half brother of Anna and Elsa.


  43. Maddie says:

    I don’t think that this theory is possible
    1) the little mermaid was written by Danish author Hans Christian Anderson, and was set it his birthplace of Denmark
    2) the queen would have had to dye her hair( as well as the king) and have gotten plastic surgery on the ship in order to look like tarzans mother
    3) the clothes tarzans parents are wearing are not even close to style of frozens outfits and Norwegian inspiration
    4)if they were on their way from Norway to Germany, they would have to be WAY off course in order to land in Africa.
    5) THE TIME! Tarzan takes place in around 1910-1915, while frozen is around 1830-1845!


    • Maddie says:

      ( Elsa is 21 in 1830-1845. Tarzan is around 20 in 1910-1915. The corination takes place 3 years after Anna and Elsas parents left. Tarzan would have been born around 1890-1895. Elsas parents left arendalle around 1827-1842. For them to be on a boat for 53-63 years and not die?!?!?!)


  44. Jailean says:

    I think this theory is possible because it seems that every Disney movie is somehow connected. A piece from one movie shows up in another movie like in Hercules. Scar appears as a mask Hercules wore for a picture a man was painting are people going to say well that isn’t him because whatever they want to say. Maybe they creators of Tarzan made his parents look similar to Elsa and Anna’s parents. Maybe they didn’t want people the think the were easily related because they had the same parents. What if this was an idea to make people wonder about all this like the users above?


  45. Marcus says:

    I think you can apply this theory. I can also connect “The Lion King” to this. My theory is that after the storm in the Lion king passed towards at the end of the movie after the defeat of Scar, the storm managed to drift north west from Africa. That is why there is a deadly storm at the coast of Denmark. Yes the king and queen were still on their way to Rapunzel’s wedding, but the storm ruined their voyage. Maybe after the ship sank, the king and queen somehow managed to survive, but the storm transported them 50 or so years ahead of their current time. Then a ship passes by, and the crew onboard see the king and queen floating on pieces of furniture from their sunken ship. The king and queen get rescued but later get robbed because the crew members onboard were peasants. The king and queen would later resort to wearing clothes they could find onboard explaining why the parents in Tarzan look like poor peasants. The name change could be due prevent the crew members from taking over their kingdom. The king and queen probably thought that if they reveal their true identity, the crew might find out where they live and will rob whatever is there. The hair color change is probably their natural hair color. The king perhaps may have bleached his hair since it was possible using chemicals in that time. The queen may have also died her hair brown which is why in Frozen there are red pieces in her hair. This could be why the queen gave birth to a redhead, Anna. Their hair color may have faded over the time of this voyage. They probably were forced to work onboard during this voyage, and the voyage probably took more than 10 months, so the queen probably got pregnant by the king as soon as she was rescued. The Queen gave birth to Tarzan on the ship 9 1/2 months later which may have angered the crew onboard because of a useless, crying baby. This results in them setting the ship on fire and escaping on another nearby ship, leaving the king, queen, and Tarzan to die. They all escaped and made it out alive and swam to the land where they were washed up on the shore of Africa. The parents sadly were killed by a leopard, but Tarzan was still alive as an orphan.

    This is what I think happened. This answers some questions to how their names and clothes are different and how the hair color is different. so please don’t make fun of my theory.


  46. Aubri says:

    If you think about it even back in those times the royals or richer members of society kept up appearances. They powdered their hair or even would pay money to find ways to color it or they would have wigs made. So the growth of their hair would change the color of the frozen queen and king. That is why the two daughters hair don’t match their parents exactly. As far as the picture who says no kne else survived from the shipwreck. They could of had someone else who lived on the island with them.


  47. Aubri says:

    Also going with the theory of another boat. How about captain hooks it’s said to have powers to travel between words which we see the mermaids in Peter Pan. Maybe that is the boats the parents traveled on. Making the time correlation. In that theory too it explains the shipwreck in the mermaids timeline. I mean Captain Hook is a pirate who wouldn’t pass up saving a queen and king. Then they probably were given clothing that had been picked up from hooks voyages. If they lived in never land for awhile they wouldn’t grow old either making it possible to be shipwrecked when trying to escape hook and his delusions lol.


  48. Pingback: Why Were People & Critics So Infatuated With Frozen? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios | Just Bullshittin'

  49. Kene says:

    I don’t think the hair color is a problem, because the only difference is that the colors switched between the two. Either way I think it would still make Tarzan’s hair the color it was in the movie, if not a little lighter. And the photo could have been done by an artist.


  50. karla says:

    I have a theory of Tarzan and Frozen connected. What if prince Hans sailed to another kingdom to get married but actually found a true love so he stayed there for a while and got a son. Soon he decided to get back to his homeland and show his newborn to his brothers but they end up in a storm which carries them to Tarzan’s land. As he says he is ”Prince Hans of the Southern Isles” so it would explain how he ended up in a storm in the Caribbean and his beard is nearly the same as Tarzan’s father’s. What do you think?


  51. mel says:

    Tarzans last name was graystone, he’s british. The books point out that his blood line was so noble that a life time in the jungle couldn’t take away his noble character. Clayton was his cousin. I know that disney made changes to the story, but the charactors are british.


  52. Christy says:

    It would make more sense if Tarzan’s parents were also Kristoff’s parents. That would explain where they went.


  53. Dia says:

    Regarding the resembelance between Weaselton and Jane’s father I think it s just a coincidence, because the resembelance can’t reside only in the looks, but also in the personality, and their personilities couldn’t diverge more. No, my theory regarding her father (Jane’s), is that he’s Belle and the Beast’s son who took after Belle’s father. They look alike, minus the weight, and they certainly share the same curiosity, or passion for discovery, Belle’s father was an entusiastic inventor, and Jane’s father was a very intusiastic explorer. And he shares some psichological traits with Belle’s father, not to mention the teacup set.


  54. Tina says:

    This is so stupid. Why can’t a disney movie just be about ONE family. ONE ORIGINAL story, not a hugeass squeal from one story to another? C’mon people wheres the originality here. Oh yes, speaking of originality, PLEASE GOD BRING BACK THE BEAUTIFUL AMAZING TRADITIONAL ANIMATION WILL YA??? No more of this trendy 3-D junk that ALL looks the same. Let’s see some scratchy pencil lines and watercolor background paintings that require longer hours and real skill to produce masterpieces and not something that would only exist through a digital print. Yes it takes a lot to digitally render things and they turn out pretty. I know, I’m a professional artist, but nothing can ever beat the romance of the traditional paint brush and mixing your own colors. Just saying….I pray this 3-D fad will end soon and bring back more originality.


  55. Stefanie says:

    It was possible to go extremely off course back then, with very little technology. A good example is how the potuguese got to Brazil when they were trying to get to India.


  56. juan says:

    U guys should make a part weretarzan and frozen and tangled met and go to a same reunion of there family


  57. oscar says:

    they couldnt have ended up in the Caribbean for one simple reason. there’s gorillas in tarzan. there are no gorillas in the Caribbean, those are in africa. so at least that part of the frozen-tarnzan theory is complete poppycock =’)


  58. Amanda says:

    Tarzan is English, Earl of Greystoke. Anna & Elsas parents are Norwegian. Not the same.


  59. Tasha says:

    Regarding the Little Mermaid part of this theory, if you watch the movie, it makes 2 references to the Caspian Sea. King Triton as ruler of the Caspian Sea, and Ursula, when she changes Ariel to a human, she chants to the winds of the Caspian Sea. The Caspian Sea is nowhere near Denmark, the Caribbean, or even Africa for that matter. It is, however, somewhat close to the Mediterranean Sea, which would explain the Mediterranean and Baltic look in the Little Mermaid. Since the Caspian sea is enclosed, there is no way she could have swam that far to uncover either of those shipwrecks. And I second to bringing back the old Disney animation :)


  60. Lew says:

    Just no.


  61. Ice says:

    I would like to point out that they only had supplies for 2 wks, and if they were going to Corona and were steered off course, they didn’t have enough supplies for 9 months in order for the Queen to give birth on the boat (as seen in the opening song to Tarzan.) Also, Tarzan takes plac in the 20th century, where Frozen is in the middle 19th. Tarzan is in Africa,again, they didn’t have the means to make it from the Norway to Africa. Plus, the royals’ ship is clearly submerged completely=no survivors. Theory disproved.


  62. Kira says:

    Here’s what happened: the king and queen (Elsa ans Anna’s parents) are in fact the same people that crashed and built a treehouse and got eaten by a cheetah at the beginning of Tarzan. But this leaves the question of where Tarzan himself came from. Here is the answer: they weren’t on the ship long enough to conceive and have a baby, and we all know that they didn’t have a baby when they left Arendale, so the only logical answer is this: While they were travelling, Phil Collins appeared in the sky to them (like Mufasa did with Simba). Phil told them that the boat would crash and they would land in the jungle. He then granted them a baby so he could sing about its life story. The couple names the child Phil Jr. after the animated deity that gave them their child. They then crash and eventually they get killed, which is when Phil Jr. is found and renamed to Tarzan.

    Liked by 1 person

  63. Kellie Andrews says:

    When the doors open in frozen for Elsa to become queen, Rapunzel appears and her hair is short and brown.


  64. Gabriela says:


    here’s a pic for you @Disneytheory to use…
    This might prove how Frozen and Tangled were drawn perhaps


  65. Elena says:

    What if simply, The queen of Ariendelle and Tarzan’s mother are very, very, very, very, very distant related? Or somehow they are related. Or they were just killed by a leopard.


  66. Jenna says:

    I did not know this at all all I knew was the storm but I found out more from this.


  67. Abbi Zuber says:

    if their ship is the one Ariel swims through in the little mermaid, could it be possible that pince Eric is Hans oldest brother!?!?!??


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