Love Disney movies?

Click one of the theories below to explore the crazy connected world of the unified Disneyverse.

9b Aladdin ft MermaidThe Disney Theory

The first Disney theory, where 30 Disney movies are connected to a single shared world (including The Lion King, Hercules and Aladdin).

The Lion King Theory

The theory that after Mufasa’s death he takes control of the weather to help his son defeat his treacherous brother.

The Wreck-It Ralph Theory

The arcade-cabinet world of Wreck-It Ralph is applied to The Disney Theory, and winds up breaking it completely.

The Kingdom Hearts Theory

The world of popular Final Fantasy-crossover series, Kingdom Hearts is explored in light of The Disney Theory in the hope of making sense of both.

The Anna Theory

Is Elsa the only princess in Frozen who has super-powers? This theory says no.

Queen and KingThe Frozen Theory

Frozen, Tangled and The Little Mermaid are connected by one fateful boat journey. Where that boat ends up leads to…

The Tarzan Theory

An expansion to The Frozen Theory which looks at the evidence that the King and Queen of Frozen could actually be Tarzan‘s parents.

The Jane Theory

A theory that looks to prove the family connection between Jane from Tarzan and Belle from Beauty and the Beast (by way of Frozen and the French Revolution).

The Walt Disney Theory

An exploration of the idea that fictional films exist within the Disneyverse, and that they can be linked back to one eccentric explorer.

16 Responses to Love Disney movies?

  1. Kaley says:

    Can you do a Mulan post? I noticed that on occasion, Mushu the dragon protector reference some pretty dang modern things that wouldn’t have been in ancient china, that helps me believe the Disney TIme Traveler/ interdimension thing. Heres some more info:

    Mulan is supposed to take place between the years 386 and 617, but, for some reason, Mushu is constantly using slang, and doing things that were first used MANY, MANY years in the future.
    1. When Mushu first meets Mulan, Mulan’s horse is cruel to Mushu, and Mushu calls him a cow. Shortly after Mulan’s horse snaps at Mushu, and Mushu says “Down, Bessie!”.
    If you consider the fact that cows were hardly ever around in ancient China- although water buffolos were quite popular- and that most Chinese were lactose-intolerant, it is less likely that someone would have a pet cow, and coin the name “Bessie”.
    2. Mushu makes Mulan bowl of porridge for breakfast, decorated with an eggs and bacon smiley face. This is unnerving, since bacon wasn’t cooked until 1600’s. And how on earth was Mushu even able to fry the eggs and bacon?! They were in a TENT.
    3. In the same scene as #3, Mushu makes Mulan make a “war face” while she has food in her mouth. He says that her “war face” made his bunny slippers run away, even though “bunny slippers- or just slippers weren’t used until the late 19th century. Although, the ancient Chinese probably had some sort of slipper like footwear back then, so this evidence isn’t exactly as pliable as I hoped.
    4. In the bath scene, heart-printed underwear was thrown at Mushu,. Although Mushu wasn’t the owner of the underwear, it was still curious to see.
    5. In a scene shortly after the bath scene, Mushu is seen using modern plastic toothbrush and toothpaste . What I am wondering is where Mushu even GOT those things- they just appeared out of nowhere!
    Most of these scenes, if you look into it some more help PROVE your Disney theory, and I would like to have more posts go into it. Other than these examples, I am certain that there are many more interesting scenes that support the theory in Mulan. If you would PLEASE look into this for me, and create a post about this topic, I would be SUPRIMELY grateful. I would be happy to help you research more on this if you want to contact me at
    Thank you!

    P.S. I just realized…
    many of the characters such as Merlin and Genie are magical, and they have time-travel… and since Mushu is a magical spirit guider thing, he might have been able to time travel like the rest of those magician. So, because of the fact Mushu is magical, he can time-travel. Does this mean all the other magical creatures in the Disneyverse can time travel too?


  2. Anonymous says:

    What if, perhaps, WE live within the stories? We commonly write things off as fantasy and , years later, discover they were true! Walt Disney was ALWAYS telling stories, but what if it was the truth? I mean, there are supposed bodies of mermaids and fairies. We could just be to ignorant to realize the truth. Theres always the question: how can someone just make up the idea of magic?


  3. meme says:

    I got a good question.. why is it that all these movies are set in certain countries and yet THEY SPEAK PERFECT ENGLISH?


  4. tjc09 says:

    The Boo Theory

    Consider this: Boo is the witch from Brave, who has an obsession with wood and the power to animate objects. In the Wandering Oaken Trading Post and Sauna, you see evidence of Witch Boo the wood craving of Mike from Monsters Inc and two bears, possibly the brothers from Brother Bear. Witch Boo’s travels take her through Frontier Alaska and she ends her journey by becoming a tree in colonial Virginia befriending a native American princess, you know as Pocahontas. Why? The similarities in the faces of both of these character and magic characters have the ability to time travel in the Disneyverse..


  5. Mikki says:

    Do you think you could make a big family tree? Just to see how you think everyone connects.


  6. #selfiequeen says:

    I was hoping you would post one about the little mermaid


  7. ImaDoMyThang says:

    Please do the phineas and ferb theory!!!!


  8. Angel Kehagias says:

    Is enora from beauty and the beast andcinderella the same person


  9. gheewala3570 says:

    Why is it that cinderella’s father in law looks
    So much like janes (Tarzan) father. Also in the
    Movie Cinderella 3 a twist in time there is a
    Picture of cinderella’s mother in law and she
    Looks pretty much like jane and belle. So maybe
    Cinderella’s mother in law could be belle and
    Cinderella’s father in law is prince Adam the


  10. Kelli says:

    For the “Are Frozen’s King And Queen Actually Tarzan’s Parents?” theory

    Why couldn’t the King and Queen of Arendelle still be Tarzan’s parents? During the storm that their ship was lost; they got picked up by another ship and possibly not knowing who they are; stay with the new captain only be swept up in another storm that leads them into the Tarzan story line (which sounds like a Disney story to me).


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