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The True Endings Of Disney’s Fairy Tales

We all know many of the most popular Disney movies are based on fairy tale classics, but how much of these tales have been ‘Disneyfied’ for family-friendly ratings? See below for the shocking stories behind your Disney favourites. If you know any … Continue reading

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Mufasa Causes The Drought In The Lion King

Reddit is a perfect breeding ground for Disney theories (a fact previously proven true with The Frozen Theory). This time the proposal comes from reddit-user, OstrichMadeOfClay: ‘In The Lion King, Mufasa is responsible for the drought.’ I thought this was … Continue reading

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The Disneyverse Has Its Own Walt Disney

One of the most contentious ideas I suggested in The Disney Theory was that there are some Disney films that also exist as fictional films within the Disneyverse. Obviously this concept requires some brain-bending to make any sense, but the evidence supporting it seemed compelling enough for its own … Continue reading

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Tarzan’s Jane Is Descended From Beauty And The Beast’s Belle

While looking for details to support the theory connecting Frozen‘s King and Queen to Tarzan‘s parents, I actually found more compelling evidence to suggest Tarzan‘s Jane is related to Belle. Not one to walk away from a good Disney theory, I thought … Continue reading

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Could Frozen’s King And Queen Also Be Tarzan’s Parents?

In my Frozen Theory article, I explored the connections fans have found to link Frozen, Tangled and The Little Mermaid. Since that article was posted, the writers and directors of Frozen, Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck have taken to Reddit to clarify some of these rumours. While … Continue reading

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